A Crocheted Cyclops Picnic – That’s Shitsy!

For my very first “That’s Shitsy” entry, I think I picked a winner! I found this on Etsy today, and someone has the balls to try to sell this for $25! No kidding! In case you can’t tell what this fine piece of craftsmanship is, it is not one, but two cyclops having a picnic under a tree, complete with a picnic blanket, a picnic basket, and a piece of watermelon. Those last three items are extra special because they aren’t crotcheted, but rather are made of felt!

OK…What in the hell would even make the thought of creating this masterpiece cross someone’s mind? Two cyclops having a picnic? What?? Also, how does one come up with the price of $25 for this? I don’t care if she used wool/mohair yarn, clay, felt, and fiberfill, and created her “very own original pattern”…it’s just ridiculous!  She calls it a “one of a kind”, and says it would be a great gift for anyone. Anyone with absolutely no taste, perhaps…or anyone who is related to her that has to drag this piece of shit out every time she comes over, so she’s not insulted….otherwise, anyone must mean no-one.  I wouldn’t pay a quarter for this at a garage sale. Maybe that’s what she meant to put as a price, and accidently hit the dollar sign. Either way, she has got to be kidding! I don’t care how long it took her to make this, and how much love went into it…that’s shitsy!


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One response to “A Crocheted Cyclops Picnic – That’s Shitsy!

  1. It looks like the stick shift in my first car. Totally shitsy!

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