Did You Just Gift Me With Root Beer?

I found this on Pinterest listed as a GREAT gift to give to a teacher at the end of the year. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how this is a great gift. A bottle of A&W Root Beer that you likely dragged out of the bottom of your pantry, dusted the cobwebs off, and slapped a bow on with a cutesy little card that says “You are an AWesome teacher”?!?!? Seriously?? Boy, it must have taken that mom forever to come up with that ingenious play on words.  What would one even say to this when it gets slapped on her desk, besides “Did your Mom happen to put a little Root Beer Vodka in that bottle?”. I cannot believe that almost 40 other people actually re-pinned this and said what an AWesome idea it was. This is not AWesome…it is just plain AWful….and insulting! You’re better off giving nothing (or even just the corny card attached to it)  rather than making your kid embarrass him/herself when they have to schlep this to school and give it to the teacher in front of the class.  It would get a lot of mileage in the Teacher’s Room or get cracked open (over much laughter) to use as a mixer at an End of the Year party in another teacher’s yard, but that’s about it.

I dub this Unpinteresting!



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6 responses to “Did You Just Gift Me With Root Beer?

  1. Teachers do NOT want this– they want gift cards. You can also rule out soaps, lotions, and candles for teacher gifts too. I have to admit, I do give cutesy teacher gifts, but I try to make it things that regular people actually eat (like ice cream). Thanks for the laugh. Caitlin (4th grade teacher and mom)

  2. Well, I gave ice cream sundae kits– everything but the ice cream (http://theroommom.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/a-sirsee-also-spelled-circe-circi-surcy/). But, I would never give a jug of root beer just to attach a play-on-words note. This blog makes me laugh outloud! I’m hoping my ideas don’t make the hit list on here. 🙂

    • See now, I checked out your ice cream kits and liked them! That is a nice, useful gift. Once I had a parent give me a bottle of wine for “putting up with her son all year”. Clearly my favorite gift that year. Don’t worry, I highly doubt you’ll make my hit-list. LOL Glad you like my blog!

  3. Oh my gosh– did people learn nothing last year. Check out http://pinterest.com/pin/75927943690484754/ and http://pinterest.com/pin/101331060338647471/. I have friends who pinned this sh*t. I thought I had been very clear that teachers do not want a play on words tag attached to a bottle of soda. I might give a candy bar a pass but not if it is a Mounds bar. Who eats those???

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