Your Cat Hates This Shitsy Tie!

Check out this snazzy “Flamingo Cat Tie” I found on Etsy today! Why??? Why would you ever do this to your cat? Why would anyone make these and sell them for $14.95? I’ll tell you why…because people are out of their minds when it comes to their cats and actually buy shit like this. Can’t she see how much Mr. Snuggles absolutely hates this tie, and her for putting this tie on him? He’s hissing! If he could talk he would probably say something like “Get this the hell off me right now…and make sure you sleep with one eye open tonight!”  I highly doubt he’s going anywhere fancy…and if he accidently gets out of the house, other cats are going to abuse him for this. I think it’s abnormal, but apparently there’s a market out there for this because she has a ton of followers and is selling ties for every occasion and holiday.   You know this cat tries to squeeze under the couch every time he hears the sewing machine rev up because he is going to have to model her newest creation. Poor Mr. Snuggles.

Putting a flamingo tie, or any tie for that matter, on your cat…That’s Shitsy!



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2 responses to “Your Cat Hates This Shitsy Tie!

  1. Kathy

    HYSTERICAL! I could not have said it better myself. I have three cats, and i would never want to see them in ties…not to mention what they would think of the indignity! LMFAO!

  2. Thanks for being a responsible cat owner Kathy! 🙂

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