Sorry But Fruit Can’t Become A Candle!


I need to call bullshit on this little craft I found on Pinterest! I am qualified to do so because I tried it and all I got out of it was some burned fingers and  a wasted orange.  The original pin said you could make a candle out of an orange…no wick needed or anything! Just scoop out a little of the orange, use that stem in the middle as a wick, light it up, and sit back and enjoy that wonderful orange aroma that would soon be wafting through your house.  I thought that was genius and wondered how candle companies would ever stay in business if one can make their own fruit candle like that…. the companies can rest easy  because it doesn’t work. I tried for a good 10 minutes to get it lit before I gave up…and my house had the faint scent of singed skin when I was done…and I felt pretty stupid for even trying this!

Here’s another pin I found further explaining the greatness of the homemade orange candle:

Are you kidding me??? Do you see how much work that is??? Scoop it out, get a wick and place it in there, fill it with oil and light it? For what?  Get the hell out of here. I don’t have time for that. No one is going to come to your house and be impressed by that, I’m telling you right now! I’ll just go out and get myself an Orange Yankee Candle. They must make one…they have every other possible scent under the sun.

Homemade Orange Candle…I dub thee Unpinteresting!



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2 responses to “Sorry But Fruit Can’t Become A Candle!

  1. Umm yeah, that looks like a fire hazard.

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