Your Cell Phone Case is Slightly Gaudy!

Look at this monstrosity I found on Etsy today. This bejeweled wonder is a handcrafted iPhone 4S case that retails for a mere $28. (By the way, there’s only one left, so HURRY UP if you want it!)

Can someone please tell me how this would ever be conducive to having an actual conversation on it with that bow made of  “huge super sparkly pink crystals and shiny silver rhinestones” protruding off of the back like that? That is not made to fit in your hand! You couldn’t possibly shove this in your pocket!  However, it is a “glamorous and eye-catching case” that you can lay down on a table for your friends to see, so they can say “What they hell is that thing?” Even Siri would tell you to get this off of her immediately.  This is like that The King of Queens episode where Carrie is out of work and decides to make cell phone covers for a living. That didn’t work, and this doesn’t either! You know who would like this? My vote is the obnoxious bling-loving women on Big Rich Texas. I can’t come up with anyone past that! This is the gaudiest thing I have seen in a while…and I live in Jersey and have seen some gaudy stuff in my day!

An iPhone 4S Art Deco Black Pearls and Huge Silver and Pink Bow Case…That’s Shitsy!


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