Don’t Put a “Bottle Tree” In Your Yard!

This, my friends, is a “bottle tree” that I found on Pinterest today…and it is just all kinds of wrong. I’m not the only person who thinks so either, because it didn’t have a single re-pin. Do you know how bad that is? It’s equivalent to being picked last in kickball. On Pinterest, you can always find someone who will re-pin your stuff…but not this beauty. Not a stinking single re-pin to be found…and that speaks volumes on how atrocious of an idea this is. It’s so atrocious that I am sharing it with all of you…which is pretty much the only thing this idea has going for it.

First of all, this is some LAZY shit. Is this supposed to be some strange attempt at “going green”? (That phrase irks me, FYI). Well, it’s not green, it’s just LAZY. Maybe if you walked your sweet self in the other direction and put your empty bottles in the recycling can, you could spout your “green-ness”, but not by doing this.

Let me tell you something…we enjoy our adult beverages in this house. A LOT…especially in the summer. If we did this with our beer and wine bottles, we’d have a goddamn forest in our yard…a big goddamn forest of drunkenness. I cringe every Friday in the summer when I haul out the recycling cans (especially after we have a bbq) because it is LOUD. I’m sure that loudness would be nothing next to the sound of bottles flying off of tree limbs every time we had a storm, or the loudness of our friend’s reactions to our “bottle tree farm”.

Don’t put a “Bottle Tree” in your yard. Just don’t!

“Bottle Tree” idea…I dub thee Unpinteresting…and really tacky.



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3 responses to “Don’t Put a “Bottle Tree” In Your Yard!

  1. What if it grew bottles of Jack Daniels?

  2. Kat

    Surprisingly, I’ve actually seen these in people yards…only they didn’t carefully choose the colors to make it look vaguely pretty. It just looks bad. Really bad.

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