My Little Bronie…

I’ve been waiting for a winner for my very first “What Had Happened Was” post, and I found one this morning…Bronie-Con Summer 2012, (Do yourself a favor and click the link if you’re not familiar)  which happened this past weekend in beautiful Secaucus, NJ. (Why does it always have to be Jersey??? Damn it!)

In case you don’t know about this little subculture, “Bronies” are grown men who LOVE the cartoon “My Little Pony. Friendship is Magic”…and it’s strange! They dress up like their favorite characters and gather to celebrate all things great about My Little Pony. They sing the songs and dance along, while it’s on the big screen. Oh and they give autographs too.  Thank God for that, huh?

Women are into it too.

For the life of them, they cannot understand why they are getting a bad rap from the media because all they are doing is simply “celebrating  a show with great story lines and beautiful animation”. Mmmmhmmm.  This shit is just plain odd. When my daughter went through her My Little Pony phase, if she had wanted me to bring her to an event where she could meet the ponies (you can file that under things that would never happen), and I saw these people, I would turn tail immediately. 4000 people showed up for this!!! Yes, you read that right, 4000!  How has this sub-culture escaped my radar? Oh, that’s right, I’m pretty normal.

Hey Bronies…your mom’s basements are looking for you. Nuff Said.

PS – Stick with a correct spelling too, would ya??? Brony, Bronie…which is it?



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2 responses to “My Little Bronie…

  1. I used to consider my friend a “Brony” until I saw this post…I am extremely happy now that he’s not THAT obsessed with it!

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