Stuffed Organs…In Case Yours Is Missing.

Look at what I found on Etsy Today…Stuffed Organs. If you or a loved one have had an organ removed, but want the peace of knowing it technically is still there in spirit, then look no further. This seller has made just about every innard you can think of, and attaches a card with facts about said body parts. Each comes with a snappy little tag-line too, which I will include under each photo below. Enjoy:

Dexter the Appendix – $15 – “Nothing says ‘Greens, greens, good for your heart’ quite like an appendix!”

Thurston Bladder – $15 – “Nothing says ‘Go with the flow’ quite like a full bladder!”

Athena the Breast – $20 – “Nothing says ‘Got milk’ quite like the boobie prize!”

Colin the Colon – $30 – “What to get your post-surgical special someone who has everything..but a colon!”

Charles De Gall-Bladder – $20 – “Nothing says ‘You’re full of gall’ quite like a gallbladder!”

Gene the Spleen – $20 – “Nothing says ‘I’ll keep you lean and clean’ quite like a spleen!”

Lilly Liver – $20 – “Nothing says ‘You’re bilelicious’ quite like a huggable liver!”

Erin and Airyana Lungs – $25 – “Nothing says ‘You take my breath away’ quite like a huggable pair of lungs!”

Lysander and Liv – The Lymph Nodes – $12 – “Nothing says ‘We’re here to protect you’ quite like a pair of lymph nodes!

The Ileum and the Ostemy – $30 – Tells the tale of the epic battle that ensues before one needs a colostomy bag.

Primo Prostate – $8 – “Nothing says ‘Keep those latex gloves away’ quite like a prostate!

Mick and Keith Testicles – $12 – “Nothing says ‘I provide satisfaction’ quite like a pair of blue balls!” (Yes, it really says that!)

Tony and Silvia Tonsils – $12 – “Nothing says ‘You tickle my tonsils’ quite like Tony and Silvia!”

Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose – Uterus and Ovaries – $32 – “Nothing says ‘From u to us’ quite like a uterus!”

and finally…

Albinus the White Blood Cell – $15 – “Nothing says ‘I’m immune to your malarkey’ quite like an albino cell!”

Let me just say this…in the event (God Forbid!) that I ever have to have a body part removed…if I wake up from surgery and find one of these laying on my chest, everyone in the room better run for the door, because somebody is getting their ass kicked! The only things I would want to see when waking up from the unfortunate event of losing an organ is someone giving me the thumbs up that I’m alright, and the button for the morphine machine so I can go back to sleep…that’s it.

Stuffed Organs…That’s Shitsy!



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10 responses to “Stuffed Organs…In Case Yours Is Missing.

  1. Have you seen the stuffed germs? I see a Part II in your future.

  2. That’s a cute pair of lungs there hahahahahahaha. Great post! Stop by and say hi 🙂

  3. SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kat

    Except for the coleostemy bag one (which is just gross), I can think of some people who would love them! My sister is a nurse and I gave her some stuff germs and she about died laughing (especially since I gave her the pnemonia germ so she could cuddle with it every time she got the virus…). They are weird, but I bet doctors love them.

  5. Nick

    Kat, how is the colostomy bag one gross? Im sorry but that is just rude and disrespectful to people who have an ostomy.

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