Taking Drunk Dialing To a Whole New Level

Did you ever wake up in the morning after a long night of boozing, scroll through your phone and say “Oh shit!” because you had drunk dialing fever the night before? Well don’t feel so bad about that because this Spotswood, NJ resident has you beat. (Yes, once again, a Jersey-ite. Damn it!)

See…what had happened was…this 34 year old pillar of society rolled over on his cell phone while he was  “sleeping” and oopsie…he dialed 911, and hung up. Being the rocket scientist that he is, he just snuggled in and went to back sleep. Unfortunately we have that whole thing in NJ, where the police show up  for things like that. When they got to his parent’s house (no shock there), poor mom and dad had no idea what the police were talking about, and let them into their son’s bedroom…where they found him drunk as a skunk…oh, and with an open duffel bag containing half a pound of marijuana and other drugs. (He doesn’t still live in his parent’s house for nothing. A man’s gotta pay the rent!). Obviously drug charges ensued.

You feel a lot better about your drunk dialing incident now, don’t you? There’s many morals to this story, but the biggest lesson learned should be to just put your damn phone in the nightstand drawer and sleep it off…and zip up your duffel bag too.  It’s much safer that way.

PS – Why didn’t they release this jackass’s name? You know Spotswood is all abuzz trying to figure out who it is. The houses are really close together in that town though, so you know the neighbor’s saw the whole thing and told everybody. Damn, I wish my aunt still lived there. I’d be in the inner circle on this one.



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2 responses to “Taking Drunk Dialing To a Whole New Level

  1. This probably the same guy that gave his teacher Crystal Light for a gift.

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