Teacher’s Gifts Fouls

I love this guy so much I had to use him again!

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…more gifts for teachers that make me chuckle. I’m a teacher, so I’m allowed to say that. I am drawn to teacher’s gifts on Pinterest like a moth to a flame because some of the things people put on there boggle my mind. I’m not an ingrate either, but come on with some of these…

A jug of Simply Lemonade? Huh? Maybe something is in that envelope that pulls it together, but I don’t think so. Simply Lemonade…I don’t get it.

A bag of M&M’s with a note that says “Much and Many Thanks”. If you are going to give this, you should maybe go out on a limb and give the $1.29 King Sized bag…but that still won’t help much.

I don’t get how soda is such a big gift that people give. How about a 6 pack of beer with a tag that says “You were a beery good teacher”. That I’d be happy with….(See, I can make up corny slogans too!)

AGAIN with the “AWesome teacher root beer gift?!? I cannot get over how many people pin variations of this. I said it once, and I’ll say it again…that’s AWful….and are those really mini sodas? Way to go big.

What the hell is going on with the soda madness? Little soda stickers you can print on your computer? Am I supposed to wear this on my shirt? And keep that Crush one to yourself there Oedipus. That’s TMI.

Someone listed this as a great teacher’s gift…an old desk and a globe…because “teacher’s love those things”. Where exactly am I going to put that, hmmm? Don’t do this please.

A Super Teacher apron. This teacher’s colleagues are going to destroy her on this one, trust me.

and finally…

Nothing says “You’ve got a big fat ass and need to work out!” like the gift of Crystal Light. Perhaps it was all of the damn soda and candy that caused the junk in the trunk. I would actually reevaluate my life if I got this…as I drank it mixed with vodka.

So, there you have it…my latest round of gifts teacher’s don’t actually want. I know, I know…”There’s thought behind those.”…true, but they just don’t make any sense to me….whatsoever.

Teacher’s Gifts Fouls….I dub thee Unpinteresting!



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5 responses to “Teacher’s Gifts Fouls

  1. This is hilarious! As a teacher I have to say a big bag of sharpened pencils or some cold hard cash is the best and only gift you should give your kid’s teacher.

  2. I’ve often wondered why it’s OK to give your hairdresser, mailman, or housekeeper cash for a gift, but I read in an etiquette post somewhere that it’s not proper to give a teacher cash… WHAT THE HECK!!!?!??… Teachers are the most underpaid profession, they NEED and would appreciate cash way more than soap or candy!!!

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