Men’s Shirt to Skirt – Unpinteresting!

Look at this fashion disaster I found on Pinterest today…How to make a man’s long sleeve shirt into a skirt…

Oh yes she did do this! Are you kidding me??? Who in their right mind would ever stroll into a man’s closet and think “I can totally make that shirt of his into a skirt!”??? That would be no one…ever…except this woman with incredibly poor fashion sense. Does she really think this looks good? You know people would look at that and be like “Wait, is that a shirt? It is, isn’t it? Whyyyy would you do that?”  That is the most atrocious fashion item I have come across yet on Pinterest. The fact that anyone liked and/or repinned it has got to be a joke…or there’s a small town in the middle of nowhere with women wearing these.  Maybe stalker-ish women would do this like a sick memento of their love. Man: “Hey, my dress shirt is missing!“…Woman slyly looking down at her new skirt and smiling, “Really?  That’s weird.”

I would sooner wear the most ill fitting thing on my closet to an important event than ever let this horrific nightmare occur anywhere on my body…plus my husband is freak-sized muscular…I’d have way too much “tucking of the extra fabric into the fold”. 99% of it would be extra fabric, believe me. If I came strolling into the living room in this, he’d be like “WTF did you do to my shirt?!?” Then I’d have to iron it to death to get all those wrinkles out from tying it like that. Totally not worth it, even as a joke.

My favorite part of this whole thing? The “Voila” at the end.  Voila?!?! When I hear “Voila” there better have been some amazing magic trick that occurred…not this pile of shit. Either use the word right, or don’t use it at all. That’s what I say!

Turn a Man’s Shirt Into a Skirt…I dub thee Unpinteresting!


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2 responses to “Men’s Shirt to Skirt – Unpinteresting!

  1. Seriously – someone took the time and energy to take the pics and put the how-to together?!?! Insanity. I agree, totally unpinteresting!!!
    But…good for a laugh!! WAHAHAHA!!

  2. Every time I look at it, I try to picture running into someone wearing this…and crack up.

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