Communism Isn’t “Beautiful”…

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a picture of dancing North Korean women that someone dubbed “beautiful”, and a bunch of people agreed with her, and re-pinned it! Ummm, perhaps they all have absolutely no knowledge of current events, have never read a history book,  or live in a little plastic bubble of delusion, but North Korea is a communist country and those women are forced to do that to entertain their crazy leader….or they and/or their families will be jailed and/or killed. Yeah, that’s really “beautiful”, isn’t it?

Maybe these women ought to click out of Pinterest for a few minutes and go educate themselves a bit, or go book a flight to South Korea, smuggle themselves across the border, and ask the first soldier they see if there are any openings in this dance troupe. Let’s see how “beautiful” they’d think this is then.

Sorry, but Communism isn’t beautiful whatsoever…and I dub this picture Unpinteresting…and ignorant.


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