Denim Fouls

He’s baaaaack!

Look at what I found on Etsy today…a bunch of denim fouls. Some people REALLY love themselves some denim. I like to wear jeans, but that’s about where the denim train ends for me. Others take it to a whole new level, by recycling their old jeans into the following stunning creations:

“The Fridge Pocket” which you can store your notepads and pencils in…which is not attached to a fridge.

Pocket Pot Holders..because her “man wasn’t gonna use those girly pot holders!”

The Hanging Pocket Organizer – which has “endless uses”. (The end I see for this is the garbage can.)

Jeans Turned Purse – So you’ll always have plenty of pockets for your stuff, not to mention easy side access through the zipper. Seller says “Your friends will have plenty of questions!”…Sure, like “Why are you wearing that shit?”

Denim Scrunch Leg Warmers…which are “to be worn over skinny jeans… because they don’t fit over regular jeans”. Jeans over jeans? Brilliant. (Not at all)

The Denim Half Apron…that is just God-awful…and take the size tag off, because we don’t need to know.

The Recycled Jean Wine Bag…complete with a pocket for your corkscrew. I think only a fine twist top wine, like Ripple, should be put in this.

You can make some crazy-ass poofy sleeves for that old shirt you were going to get rid of.

You can make a halter that doesn’t even come close to fitting right.

Denim tablecloth with pockets for place settings. Uh-uh.

Denim Christmas Stockings…which will make Santa rethink his visit.

Denim Yoga Mats/Holders… because sweaty denim is good stuff.

The Denim Pocket Belt…Did you ever get mad because your pants don’t have pockets? Well now you can have pockets all the time! Plus you don’t need to carry that damn purse around now either. Just stick everything you own in your pocket belt, and go about your day! Mmmhmm.

You can cover up those unsightly flower pots with these denim sleeves or even hang one up in a denim sling. Snazzy.

Giant Jean Dress…because you never know when you are going to have to go somewhere fancy in a moment’s notice.

Jock Strap Jeans (really Jeggings) and T-Shirt Upcycle…You could really spoil the man in your life with this baby!

Soft Denim Peter Pan Collar Necklace…”You’ll never find two of the same” (I agree)…and it’s intentionally cut all crappy “so the ends will fray making it even more pretty and interesting over time”. (I added the “crappy” part, but she really should have!)

OK, I cheated a little because these were on Pinterest…but they are wrong enough to be included as a “That’s Shitsy” entry. Plus if I dug deep enough, I’m sure I’d find them on Etsy somewhere.

and finally, as if your pet didn’t hate you enough already:

Denim Dog Coat. This dog is literally begging for mercy…if only he could talk, huh?

There’s literally thousands of denim fouls on Etsy, but I picked my personal faves. I could have kept scrolling for hours though if I wanted to. It’s like an up-cycled denim bonanza on there.

Any of the aforementioned Denim Fouls…That’s Shitsy!


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2 responses to “Denim Fouls

  1. I think my favorite is the tablecloth pocket. “Oh sh*t, where did I put my fork? There it is! Thank goodness I have the Denim TablePocket. How else would I keep track of my silverware?”

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