Stonehenge…At Your House!

Look at what I found on Etsy today… woolly Stonehenge! Who knew someone could make such a thing? Now, I feel semi-bad about putting this on my blog because obviously this is not easy to make. (Or maybe it is…I dunno…I’m lucky I can thread a needle! Whatever…) My choice of using it is much more along the lines of why would you need this? Furthermore, it costs $125That seems pretty steep to me for a woolly Stonehenge, no? I can think of plenty of other things I could do with $125 than put a woolly Stonehenge in my living room. For example, I could find a nice picture of Stonehenge, hang it up, and then go out to eat. Maybe it’s just me.

Can’t afford the entire Stonehenge, you say? Fear not…you can just buy one little piece of it for $20:  (little plastic flowers not included…I assume)

Getting just that one piece for $20 makes the whole set for $125 seem like a bargain, doesn’t it? Plus no one is going to know what the hell that one piece is if you put it out. Your math-minded friends could possibly think you have a Pi sign sitting on the table for no good reason, but otherwise they’ll have nothing to go on. What are you going to say? “That? Oh, that’s just a little piece of Stonehenge. I couldn’t really swing the whole set!”. I believe there’s a good chance you will be mocked for that.

Now, if you buy the entire set, put it on display and then feel like something is missing, you can also purchase these wooly Druids for $28.

… because what’s Stonehenge without some little Druids standing around pondering how that ever even got there?

Oh, and the seller wants you to know that this wool comes from sheep that eat mainly seaweed. I know zero things about that either, but apparently it’s a pretty important selling feature.

Woolly Stonehenge…although it takes some talent to make, I’m sure…That’s Shitsy!



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2 responses to “Stonehenge…At Your House!

  1. good2begone

    I actually like that. But the white trash side of me says save the work and use the contents of a box of shredded wheat. same result, cheaper. Sit back and wait for the cash to roll in!!

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