The Dog Walking Hat…It Really Is Shitsy!

Look at what I found on Etsy today…A Dog Walking Hat that retails for $20.00. As per usual, there’s only one in stock, so hurry up if you want this gem.

After reading the description, I feel like I don’t even need to do my own snarky commentary, because the seller’s ad really says it all…

Need a great hat with a sense of humor? Then get The Big Poop Hat!

This hat is great for so many reasons:

1. When you walk your dog, you can point to it and say “Do this, Rover, do this!”
2. When people say “You look like crap today” – you can say “Yes, I do! Thank you!”
3. If someone yells “Hey Sh–head” – you’ll finally know they really mean you!
4. If you don’t feel like people talking to you – just wear this hat and no one will.
5. If you don’t feel like picking up your dogs business and someone notices, you can say “Oh – it’s just a hat.”

FREE plastic fly with purchase!

She’s not kidding about the plastic fly either…

I honestly don’t know what possesses people to make this kind of stuff….or buy it.  Imagine seeing your neighbor outside wearing this? Sigh. You know whoever was the lucky model for this hat refused to show her face. Smart move.

The Dog Walking Hat…That’s Shitsy! Really, it is.


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