Who Wants a Bull Scrotum Bag? (Not Me!)

Look at what I found on Etsy today…a real Bull Scrotum Bag. Now, I assume the term “bag” is used kind of  loosely, because it doesn’t seem to have a back to it….unless they are just calling the scrotum itself a “bag”, which is entirely possible. The seller states that this can be made into a purse by someone who is crafty (ewww) , or can even be used as a candy dish. Holy Hell! A candy dish? Grandma can put her Werther’s Butterscotch candies in there for when you come over?!? I shudder at the thought.

Now, I am no bull connoisseur by any means, but that’s a really big scrotum they have, huh? No wonder they run the farm and are so angry when people try to ride them, when they’ve got something that big jingling between their back legs all the time! The bull does not think it should be the ridee at the rodeo, and I can see his point. He’s got nothing but testosterone flowing through him. No wonder he’s so hell bent on goring someone to death!

The seller states that specific scrotum measures 8 inches long by just under 4 inches wide. Jeez…that seems like a whole lot of scrotum to me. I guess you could cram a lot of stuff in there if you make it into a purse, but really…would you want to? Would you be the hit of the rodeo if you showed up toting this with you? I’ll just stick to my Coach bags, thank you very much…and since I have never been to a rodeo, I think I’m in the clear here.

I have to admit, I  can’t get past this being used as a candy bowl.  I just can’t.

This retails for $24.50, and as always, there’s only one in stock….so hurry up, if you want this!

A real Bull Scrotum Bag…That’s Shitsy!

PS -This is easily the most I have ever used the term “scrotum” in my entire life! Thanks for that Etsy! 😉


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