Hats For Cats

Look at what I found on Etsy today…Hats for Cats! I don’t get it…but apparently there’s quite a market for it.

Personally, I am a dog person…plain and simple. It’s not that I totally dislike cats, but I don’t want one…plus I’m allergic to them.  However, if I wasn’t,  I know that if I ever got a cat, it would be the kind that winds up hiding under the couch and hissing at everyone, and would walk on my kitchen counter at free will. No thank you. I would want to get the kind that thinks it’s a dog and actually wants to be around people, but I know that wouldn’t happen. Thus, I just stick to dogs.

Anyway, I have a hard time understanding hard-core cat people. Perhaps they have taken the words of Dr. Seuss a little too seriously.  It seems they love to dress their cats up in hats. I don’t think cats like that…as evidenced by the looks on their faces in the following pictures. Let me know if you think you see a single happy cat in the bunch:

The Midnight Cowboy Hat and Wild Side Collar – “The party will stop and jaws will drop when your cat struts in wearing this!”

The Mad Cow Hat – “Intended for cats who are looking to cause a ruckus in their community”.

He wore a Strawberry Beret…an ode to Prince….straight from the “Fresh Fruit” inspired line. (She totally should have done Raspberry…just saying)

The Frog Hat…perfect for sneaking up on that pond behind your house.

The Little Miss Sunshine Party Hat and Collar…”So they will feel like they are part of the celebration.”

The Little Devil Hat – “Even the sweetest of cats will look naughty in this!”

There are some holiday hats too:

The Kitty Sombrero…just in time for Cinco De Mayo.

It’s the Hoppy Easter hat…because your cat likes to hop on everything anyway.

The Feeling Sheepish hat…which could totally be used at Easter Time! (God, he looks miserable!)

The Regal Meowy Christmas Hat…He has got to hate having his ears covered like that.

Cat Santa Costume…”Your cat will bounce with joy that you included him in the Christmas festivities!”

The Christmas Bonnet and Dress

and a multi-purpose holiday get-up…

The Uncle Sam Hat and Collar…Can be used for both the 4th of July (which cats really love) and on Election Day. “He’ll have your friends and neighbors guessing who he voted for!”

And finally, for your Rock and Roll Cat…

The White Mohawk and Glittery Glasses Get-Up

and my personal favorite…

The Multi-Colored Mohawk…Perfect for your cat that wants to rock and roll all night, and party everyday! It matches everything!

So there you have it…Hats for Cats! I seriously did not see a single Mr. Meow Meow look happy about wearing any of these, but I’m sure their owners are thrilled…and that’s what really counts here, isn’t it?

Hats for Cats…That’s Shitsy!



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