Strummin’ on the Old Canjo!

Look at what I found on Etsy today…A Canjo Hillbilly Banjo! That’s right…drink it in people!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, if only I knew how to play the banjo…but it has just too many strings! If only there was a one stringed banjo-like instrument out there that I could master camp songs on!“. Well, your days of fretting over your musical ineptness have come to an end…thanks to the “Canjo!”

This fine piece of equipment costs a mere $20.00 (and an extra $15 for shipping).  The seller uses the following phrases to lure you right in…

* It’s not just a novelty! It’s a true musical instrument!

* It can be hung on the wall, placed in a corner, or even given as a gift to your favorite aspiring musician!

*You will love seeing your friends and family’s surprised faces as you play them the old timey tunes you learned on your Hillbilly Canjo! ( I believe the phrase “surprised faces” is code for “looks of complete and utter dismay”!)

Children, too, love bangin’ some tunes on this Canjo that is strung with one guitar string and even has frets.

*If you would like a particular color Canjo please leave a color in note to seller at purchase. We will do our best to get the color of your choice. If no color is asked for you will receive the latest color available (white or silver can). (You totally know you’re getting the white or silver!)

Worried that you won’t be able to figure out some “old timey tunes” to play all on your own? Fear not, because it comes with a set of easy to follow directions for 10 songs, such as: Oh Suzanna, Brother John, On Top of Old Smokey, What a Friend we have in Jesus, Down in the Valley, Jesus Loves Me, Beverly Hillbillies, God Bless America, Bonanza, When the Saints go Marching in. See?

That right there is some top-notch instructions! The seller went all out by writing on note cards in pencil.  If you are out on the porch practicing, it’s likely best not to put anything wet near these precious note cards, lest you  lose your directions forever, and then you’ll be stuck with just a canjo and your own imagination.  (I’m just looking out for your best interests!)

I have to admit that I am highly disappointed that there are no directions to play “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad“! I mean, what would be more awesome than you rocking out on this thing around the fire with your friends and everyone anxiously awaiting the big moment when they can all sing “Strummin’ on the old canjooooo!” in unison? It would be everything an encore was meant to be! The seller totally needs to get on that!

There’s currently one in stock. If you want one with a special colored can of your choice, you need to skip your ass on over there because these take two weeks to make! Labor Day is just over a month away, and what more of a perfect way is there to cap off the summer bbq season than stunning your friends with a concert on your canjo? I’m sure it’s something they will talk about all Autumn long!

The Canjo Hillbilly Banjo…That’s Shitsy!

*PS – Now I can’t get “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” out of my head. I’m going to be humming that all day…great.


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