Crocheted Olympic Torch & Rings


Look at what I found on Etsy today…a crocheted Olympic Torch and Olympic Rings! What better item to post on the night of the Opening Ceremonies? Once again, I can say that people truly will  crochet anything and everything.

Some people get really into the Olympics. I’m one of them. I watch as many events as possible, even if it’s an event I’m not normally interested in because I just love the spirit of it all. However, I am not so into it that I would ever want to own either of these items.

What the heck are you going to do with those? Are you going to have you and your family/friends do your own version of the torch run into your living room? Are you going to light a pretend Olympic cauldron? (OMG, someone totally needs to crochet one of those!) The seller states the rings cannot stand up, so you have to prop them against something or lay them flat. Oh, that’s fun.  I guess that’s why the seller chose to display this picture of them laying in a plant. I cannot be the only person who thinks that makes an odd way of displaying them.

Crocheted Olympic Torch and Rings…as much as it pains me to say it because I sure do love the Olympics…That’s Shitsy!


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2 responses to “Crocheted Olympic Torch & Rings

  1. I’m sorry you don’t like my items. The rings have been sold already actually, and before that they made it to a few treasury lists on Etsy, as did the torch. So I guess there are quite a few people who like hand-made toys. Some people like to make things, and some like to criticize.

  2. HAHA – That’s right… I “like” to criticize. You caught me red-handed. Perhaps you should have spent some of that hard earned money on some thicker skin. Everyone isn’t going to fall in love with your creations. It’s how the world works.
    Also, sorry I left your comment in the inbox for so long. I truly meant to share it with others sooner, but I got a little busy.

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