Baby Legs/Seashell Disaster.


Look at what I found on Etsy today…”Hermit Fairy Fae Baby Legs Out of a Seashell”.  That is flat out creepy!

The seller describes it as follows:

This little hermit fairy is only half way in it’s house! It’s amazing how they can wind themselves up into those seashells….
One of a kind sculpture by Amanda Day, sculpted from polymer clay. The fairy is secured into the shell and has been gently blushed to bring out the skin tones.

Oh, and it comes with a “certificate of authenticity signed by the artist” which is great because then you’ll know exactly who to blame for this disaster.

You know what this is good for? Scaring the shit out of little kids before taking them to the beach. You won’t have to worry about them going down to the waterline to collect seashells because they will be stricken with the irrational fear that this is going to be their fate.  Instead they will sit up on the blanket with you crying to go home all day long. Ah, what a relaxing day at the beach.

This retail for $39 AUD, but if you’re from the United States it’ll run you $41.94 plus another $10.75 to ship it. Yep, that’s $52.69 worth of future therapy  sessions for your children. Get it while it’s hot because, of course, there’s only one in stock.

Hermit Fairy Fae Baby Legs Out of a Seashell…That’s Shitsy!


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