All Kinds of Wrongsie

Today I am proud to present my very first dual That’s Shitsy/Unpinteresting post! I originally found this on Pinterest, but when I clicked on it, it brought me to an Etsy site where one could actually order this classless piece of garbage. It retails for $16 and she has 5 available. She even included a picture of a baby modeling it:

Really? Who in their right mind would ever put something that says “Made in Vagina” on their child? Well, apparently one of the pinners  wants to because she has proclaimed that she “must get this for her next baby!” I did think it was funny that someone posted under it “Technically babies are made in the Fallopian tube.” but that’s about where the funny ends with this one. There’s nothing quite like emotionally scarring your kid from the get go. Maybe the seller can take it a step further by selling the parents matching T-shirts that say “Vagina Is For Lovers”. That would look great for a family portrait, wouldn’t it?

This is just wrong…all kinds of wrong.

Made In Vagina Onesie…That’s Shitsy and I dub thee Unpinteresting! (I never thought I’d see the day…)



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2 responses to “All Kinds of Wrongsie

  1. These posts always brighten my day!

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