Edible Spray Paint

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…Edible Spray Paint. Did you ever look at the food you are about to serve at a party and think to yourself “If only I could make that snazzy?” Well,  snaz away girl, because edible spray paint is the answer to your prayers.

The picture brought me to a link to the company’s site: The Deli Garage Food Cooperative, based in Germany, and here’s what they had to say about it:

Fine silver cutlery, gold-plated cups – there are some things in life you just can’t see enough of. As of now, the same applies to a good steak with Food Finish, the most stylish way to refine your culinary creations. Food Finish is as easy to use as the result is beautiful: off with the lid and on with the spray. Food Finish chrome-plates and gold-coats everything and anything in the kitchen that fits under its spray nozzle. Composed of ethyl alcohol, flavors and several food additives, the food varnish sprays are harmless and tasteless to eat and are sold in 100 ml cans. Just like real paint, the company says the best results will be seen with the application of several thin layers. It is completely harmless and tasteless.

Here are some more pictures, just in case you weren’t already enticed enough.

Who wants to eat a boring red tomato when you can eat a gold one instead?

Mmmmmm…Silver Pretzels

It comes in red and blue too…Great!

I have to say that I am totally not buying into the “harmless” thing, especially since they had to say it twice!  Ethyl Alcohol is not a big part of my daily meal plan, therefore I’d have to give eating normal food sprayed with this a big fat HELL NO. My food is not supposed to be metallic. Maybe this would be good if you are a baker to spray on cookies and cakes for designing purposes, but if you invite me over for Sunday dinner and bring out a gold plated chicken, or serve me a salad with gold plated tomatoes,  I’m not eating it. In fact, I would think you are trying to kill me.

Edible Spray Paint…I dub thee Unpinteresting.



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3 responses to “Edible Spray Paint

  1. haha, laughed so hard when I read this article. Your last paragragh about being presented with a gold plated tomato is too funny. I agree, I would think the host had gone crazy!

  2. Bug

    Brilliant. That picture of the pretzel brought the phrase ‘polishing a turd’ to mind…

    Bug @ STYLEoverSENSE

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