Upcycled Neck Tie Skirt

Look at what I found on Etsy today…an Upcycled Neck Tie Skirt. This is marketed toward the “Curvy Women” but I have to say this…I don’t care if you weigh 95 pounds or 950 pounds, this is just all wrong!

Here’s what the seller had to say about her skirts along with pictures of other ones she is selling…Enjoy

*24 Neckties were repurposed in the making of this fabulous size 18/20 skirt.

*This is a little flirty, a little fun, and a lot of whimsy! Every girl should have a necktie skirt. They’re my favorite! 🙂

*This upcycled skirt is made from various neglected neck ties. Well made with lots of love! 

*Totally upcycled, refurbished, refashioned, repurposed! One of a kind, and cannot be duplicated. You’ll enjoy the fabulous comments and smiles you’ll get when people realize you are wearing something so original and phenomenal!

Neglected neckties? Yes, and for good reason! Phenomenal? I think not. Fabulous smiles and comments? I think she meant to say smirks there, but you will get comments for sure, just probably not directly to your face. By the way, I do not suggest wearing the skirt shown at the top of this post on a windy day, since those ties are meant to be “flouncy”, otherwise you’ll definitely be showing everyone what your mama gave ya!

By the way, you are totally ruining it for any guy who is taking you out somewhere “fancy” if you wear this. (Good luck with that occurring!) Unless he can find a matching tie to one of the 24 in your skirt, you will surely clash.

Unbelievably, these retail for $56.00! Yes, you read that correctly. $56.00!! I’m sure this takes a while to sew, I’d say but she went a little overboard on the price. Take your $56.00, go to an actual clothing store and buy yourself something pretty instead…and something your date can actually match to…because this ain’t it!

Upcycled Neck Tie Skirt…That’s Shitsy!



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3 responses to “Upcycled Neck Tie Skirt

  1. Dawn

    To each their own…little items such as these with some fishnets, vintage boots fit well in Seattle…some of us let our hair down, have fun and buy local…instead of buying at the big name stores.

  2. Haha, clever skirt full of ties. I’m sure I have plenty of extra ties floating around that my wife could do the same!

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