Upcycled Justin Bieber Plastic Cap Knuckle Ring

Look at what I found on Etsy today…an “Upcycled Justin Bieber Plastic Cap Knuckle Ring”.    I want you to know that I thank my lucky stars that my daughter had Bieber Fever for about 2 days, and then snapped to her senses. This kid irks the crap out of me, and I seriously cannot wait to see him on a “Where Are They Now” segment on VH1 in about 1o-15 years, all bloated and washed up.

As for this ring, here’s what the seller has to say about it:

For the Bieber Fan!

This piece was on hiatus for the month of June. I was asked to loan it out for the filming of a new Paramount film titled Acid Girls. Hopefully it made the cut! 

The first of its kind, I made this knuckle ring from a white plastic cap. Inside I’ve cast Justin in resin surrounded by glitter and gold stars. It is sure to get you some attention! 

Well, whoop-de-friggin-do, it might be in a movie. That’s still no reason to shell out $30.00 for this thing. Seriously…$30.00 for an upcycled plastic cap with Justin Beiber’s face and some glitter?!?  I think not. I might consider it if I could maybe slap him one while wearing it. If I could go dirty and wear it palm side in, I might go $35.oo because that would be money well spent,  but otherwise…this is a no-go.  Save your money and buy it at a garage sale in about 3 years for $.30. Then you might get your money’s worth.

Upcycled Justin Bieber Plastic Cap Knuckle Ring…That’s Shitsy!

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