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The Desktop Cat Seat

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a Desktop Cat Seat. I am starting to think I should just make a separate section on my blog about crazy items cat people will buy, because I keep on finding things like this. (If you haven’t read them, please refer to my other posts: Crafting With Cat Hair, Cat Toy Tampon,  and Hats For Cats.)

Anyway, I see this pinned a whole bunch of times on Pinterest and feel the need to investigate further. I found it on the Brookstone  site and apparently this is a HOT seller because it’s totally out of stock! (C’mon…really cat people?!?)

Here’s the exciting description of the product:

Our Desktop Cat Seat gives cats a comfortable place to rest on the desk that’s out of the way, yet still only an arm’s length from a scratch on the belly. Designed for cat owners who work in a home or small office, this indispensable item maintains that all-important distance between paws and keyboard, while giving your cat a cozy nesting box that’s still within easy reach of affection. The soft cushion and high walls will appeal to your cats, while you’ll appreciate the solid pine construction in a choice of attractive finishes. It can be clamped firmly to either side of the desk, or simply placed flat on top–felt pads protect your furniture. Can support a 20-lb. cat, and even small dogs. Cushion cover is machine-washable. 16 1/4″ w x 11″ d x 5″ h.

The people’s comments about the product cracked me up:

*My cat loves this! Now I can get work done! My other cat is jealous, so I’ll have to get another one! (Wait, your cat stops you from doing work? Your other cat is actually jealous? You’re going to have them sit like bookends on your desk while you work on your computer? Wow, your life is way too exciting for me!)

*I have several cats and they actually fight over who gets to lay in it! Sometimes they even double up! (Once I read the words “several cats”, I knew this would be a winner!)

*Our cats always seem to lay on the mouse pad, making work difficult. This gives them a new spot to hang out! It took them a week to use it. (Hey, here’s a thought, shoo the damn cats off your desk when you’re working! Problem solved!)

The comments go on and on, but you get the point. Cat people love this silly product.

Oh, did I mention that it retails for $70.00? Yeah, that’s right…$70.00 so your kitty cat has a place to lay, other than directly on your desk, while you get something accomplished. I cannot believe it. Whatever happened to that free spot on the windowsill? God forbid Sir Fluffy Pain-in-the-Ass should have to suffer the indignity of that, huh?

Maybe it’s because I am a dog person, but I cannot fathom any of this. Cat people let their cats rule the roost, and then buy items like this to perpetuate it. Do you know where my dogs are laying right now, while I type this blog post? They are in the hallway. They don’t feel the need to be up my ass every second of the day, and they most certainly do not get on my desk or countertops. No dog will need a special $70.00 place to lay so they can be close to you. Dogs make themselves comfortable wherever is easiest.  Dogs know their place in life, and cats don’t. That’s just how it is.

So there you have it…Desktop Cat Seat…I dub thee Unpinteresting, and a complete waste of $70.00.


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Don’t Dress as a Skunk for Halloween!

Are you still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? Well, dressing as a skunk is a bad idea, especially if you are going to be in western Pennsylvania.

See, what had happened was…A 9 year old girl from Beaver County, PA went to an outdoor family Halloween party Saturday night dressed as a skunk, and got shot (yes, shot) by her uncle who somehow truly thought she really was one. Luckily, he only shot her in the shoulder and she’s alright.

A few things here…

#1: When I read this, I figured that this girl must have had the best costume EVER, complete with a little stink sac. However, that is not the case. She was actually just dressed all in black, with a black hat that had a white tassle on it. That doesn’t really sound very skunkish to me. I was picturing a full black, furry body suit with a big white stripe down the back. Maybe a really good  Pepe LePew outfit even…not what she had on. I have  a feeling this kid actually had to tell people she was supposed to be a skunk and they said “Oh. Alrighty then.”

#2: I figured she must have been crawling through the grass or something for her Wild Bill Hickok of an uncle to mistake her for a real deal skunk. It doesn’t say whether she was upright or not, but I’m going to go with my theory , so this story actually makes a drop of sense to me.

#3: How the hell big are the skunks in western Pennslyvania? Are they actually the size of a 9 year old girl that a person would actually mistake her for one?

#4: Why does this man have a loaded shotgun at the ready at an outdoor Halloween party?

#5: The authorities say her uncle wasn’t drinking. Wait, what?!? This guy was full on SOBER and still mistook her for a real skunk? In that outfit?

Something stinks about this story (sorry, I couldn’t resist), because everything just doesn’t add up.

Moral of the story…be something other than a skunk this Halloween please…especially if your “sober” uncle who just so happens to have a loaded shotgun and questionable eyesight is around. If you still feel the need to be a skunk, at least remain in the upright position. Your odds of going home in one piece are probably a little better that way.

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Bum Bags

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a pin for “Bum Bags”. I had no idea what this was about, but was totally intrigued, so I delved a little further.

It turns out these are not actually for sale, but rather were part of an advertisement by Concept Instanbul for a business called “Pilates With Gerda” in Turkey.  Not only did they use that photo for the ad, but they also used this one as well as a front view.

The explanation for the ads… A pale freckled bottom and a hairy belly make ideal purses with the pudgy and saggy shapes sculpted by cellulite-abundant skin. “Carrying too much weight?” ask the pair of images in the Pilates With Gerda campaign, suggesting that for appearance and practical reasons, excess fat is best burnt off.

Normally, I poke fun at things on my site, but not this one. In fact I think it’s a pretty genius concept for an ad. This is an absolute attention grabber, if you ask me. Ladies, you know how judgmental we are about ourselves, thus this ad would totally make you do a double take.

Bum Bags…although a pretty shocking concept, it forces you to pay attention to it. I actually think this was pretty Pinteresting…except for the fact that I had to research it myself. 😉


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Fall Candle Decor – Unpinteresting

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…an idea for Fall Candle Decor!

I don’t know what’s more amusing to me…the fact that the person who came up with this acts like it is the greatest idea ever, or that a jillion people repinned it.

Putting a fall colored candle in a votive holder and filling the rest of the holder with un-popped popcorn kernels!?! Thank God for Pinterest, because I could never have come up with that brainstorm all on my own! Surrounding it with assorted nuts and using it as a tablescape? Holy Hell…that right there is taking it to a whole ‘nother level. I’m sure your guests will be beyond impressed with that!

Fall Candle Decor…I dub thee Unpinteresting.


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Framed Rubber Nose (Or Mouth)

Look at what I found on Etsy today… A Framed Rubber Nose for sale. I’m at a complete loss as to why one would ever purchase this item.

Soft silicone rubber nose, life sized, fleshy and easily pierced, in a pastel urethane frame. I cast the nose in a mold I made from my original carving; the frame is similarly cast from an original wood turning. 
To mount on a wall, the nose comes out of the frame and a single screw is inserted through the frame. The nose is held in by a friction fit.
I offer the noses unpierced, but they are quite capable of holding all manner of embellishments.
If, however, you would prefer a nose with the bone in, let me know and you shall have it. (I wonder if you can specify the type of bone you want in there. That one looks like a chicken bone. Does it have to be a chicken bone? Hmmm)

Don’t like blue or the piercing? It’s OK,  you can get it in pink and without the piercing:

Got a smoker who needs some wall art? He can hook you up with a gift for them too:

Anybody got a light?

Do you like the mouth, but think smoking is a dirty habit? Fear not! You can just buy the mouth and stick your own items in there:

Welcome to our Luau!

You’ll never lose your pencil again!

The seller states you can even put your own shade of lipstick on the lips, in case you want to snaz that mouth up a little bit. You can easily pierce them too, if that’s your thing.

The nose and lips are 4″ in diameter and 1 1/2″ deep. Not so big that they’ll clutter up your wall, yet big enough to make whatever the statement is that you’re trying to make by owning these.

You can purchase them for a mere $40.00. There’s only one of each in stock, so if you want one, you better HURRY UP and get to ordering. Christmas is coming, you know!

Framed Rubber Nose (Or Mouth)…while I have to give the seller kudos for anatomical correctness…I still have to say…That’s Shitsy!


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The Biggest Crocheted Earrings Ever

Look at what I found on Etsy today…A pair of “The Bigger, The Better Rosebud Earrings”.  Oh Yes She Did.

Girl, you know you can’t go out to the club tonight wearing those same old rosebud earrings every other trick’s wearing! You gotta stand out! You need a pair of earrings that are so big, people will think you have Christmas ornaments dangling off your earlobes! Luckily they are crocheted  so they’ll be nice and soft when they are smacking up against your neck while you’re gettin’ dirty on the dance floor. Luckily they are assembled on fish hook ear wire, so if you need to throw down with another bitch because she’s been eyeballin’ your man, you won’t have to waste a lot of time taking these off by fumbling with a clasp or anything. They’ll just slide right out of your ears, and you can get down to business.

These babies retail for $35.oo plus another $2.50 for shipping. That’s a whole lotta earring for $35.00. Wear ’em proud, girl…wear ’em proud.

The Bigger, The Better Rosebud Earrings…That’s Shitsy.


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USB Tampon Flash Drive

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a USB Tampon Flash Drive. The caption that went it said “A great way to keep your secret files a secret! Your husband won’t want to use this.” Charming, huh?

Of course, I had to delve further and found a company that sells it: Meninos. It retails for $19.90, and it comes in three different memory sizes: 2 GB – light flow,4 GB – moderate flow, and 8 GB – heavy flow. Whoever came up with that is a real marketing genius.

In case you’re wondering just how stealth it looks when in use, here you go:

That’s one classy look right there, I must say. I guess this would be used by the type of girl who likes to announce to everyone in earshot that she’s “got cramps” because she has “a mean case of the monthlies”, like she’s the only person on the planet that gets her period. Yeah, she’ll really be fooling everyone when they see a plastic tampon sticking out of the side of her laptop. No one will EVER be able to figure out it’s really a flash drive. Good luck keeping your secrets a secret with that!

USB Tampon Flash Drive…I dub thee Unpinteresting.


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