USB Tampon Flash Drive

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a USB Tampon Flash Drive. The caption that went it said “A great way to keep your secret files a secret! Your husband won’t want to use this.” Charming, huh?

Of course, I had to delve further and found a company that sells it: Meninos. It retails for $19.90, and it comes in three different memory sizes: 2 GB – light flow,4 GB – moderate flow, and 8 GB – heavy flow. Whoever came up with that is a real marketing genius.

In case you’re wondering just how stealth it looks when in use, here you go:

That’s one classy look right there, I must say. I guess this would be used by the type of girl who likes to announce to everyone in earshot that she’s “got cramps” because she has “a mean case of the monthlies”, like she’s the only person on the planet that gets her period. Yeah, she’ll really be fooling everyone when they see a plastic tampon sticking out of the side of her laptop. No one will EVER be able to figure out it’s really a flash drive. Good luck keeping your secrets a secret with that!

USB Tampon Flash Drive…I dub thee Unpinteresting.



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3 responses to “USB Tampon Flash Drive

  1. Haha — thanks for the huge smile!

  2. For ladies who are sick of their husbands looking over their shoulder. They’ll never go near that computer again!

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