Don’t Dress as a Skunk for Halloween!

Are you still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? Well, dressing as a skunk is a bad idea, especially if you are going to be in western Pennsylvania.

See, what had happened was…A 9 year old girl from Beaver County, PA went to an outdoor family Halloween party Saturday night dressed as a skunk, and got shot (yes, shot) by her uncle who somehow truly thought she really was one. Luckily, he only shot her in the shoulder and she’s alright.

A few things here…

#1: When I read this, I figured that this girl must have had the best costume EVER, complete with a little stink sac. However, that is not the case. She was actually just dressed all in black, with a black hat that had a white tassle on it. That doesn’t really sound very skunkish to me. I was picturing a full black, furry body suit with a big white stripe down the back. Maybe a really good  Pepe LePew outfit even…not what she had on. I have  a feeling this kid actually had to tell people she was supposed to be a skunk and they said “Oh. Alrighty then.”

#2: I figured she must have been crawling through the grass or something for her Wild Bill Hickok of an uncle to mistake her for a real deal skunk. It doesn’t say whether she was upright or not, but I’m going to go with my theory , so this story actually makes a drop of sense to me.

#3: How the hell big are the skunks in western Pennslyvania? Are they actually the size of a 9 year old girl that a person would actually mistake her for one?

#4: Why does this man have a loaded shotgun at the ready at an outdoor Halloween party?

#5: The authorities say her uncle wasn’t drinking. Wait, what?!? This guy was full on SOBER and still mistook her for a real skunk? In that outfit?

Something stinks about this story (sorry, I couldn’t resist), because everything just doesn’t add up.

Moral of the story…be something other than a skunk this Halloween please…especially if your “sober” uncle who just so happens to have a loaded shotgun and questionable eyesight is around. If you still feel the need to be a skunk, at least remain in the upright position. Your odds of going home in one piece are probably a little better that way.

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One response to “Don’t Dress as a Skunk for Halloween!

  1. HaHa!! This is really funny! Sounds more like a Southern story than a Pennsylvania one. My buddy, Walker, who is a black Lab, was a skunk one year. We didn’t have any uncles with shotguns around thank goodness. Walker got lots of laughs and good treats with his get up. Thanks for this bit of humor to start the day.

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