I Don’t Need Any Extra Help, Thank You!

Look at what I found on Etsy first thing this morning ..a recycled wooden “eat” sign. Let me tell you something…I am just coming out of my turkey coma from yesterday, and kind of disliking myself for the amount of food I managed to stuff down my gullet at my mom’s house. The very last thing I need to see right now is a sign telling me to “eat”!  Now if it was a sign telling me to “Stop eating, you dirty food whore!”, I might buy it. This? No.

However, if you would like a sign to remind you that you really need to pack on a few extra pounds this holiday season, then head on over to Etsy and buy one! It’s on sale for $26.00 and ships for a “mere” $15. There’s only one in stock, so as usual…hurry the hell up before it’s gone!

Recycled Wooden “eat” sign…That’s Shitsy! (Now where’s  myPepto Bismol?)


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