Pet Sitter “To Dog” List

Look at this Black Friday deal I found on Etsy today…A Pet Sitter notepad! Let me tell you something…I love my two dogs, but this is just overboard! You have to be the biggest pain in the ass on Earth to pet sit for if you leave this for someone to read and follow!! “Houses To Avoid”? “Grooming”? “Rooms Off Limits”?  Are you kidding me?!? And what the hell is with the “Household Tasks” section??? Unless your dog is a magician and is going to complete those awesome “household tasks” like mail and trash, that shouldn’t even be on there.

You know what I ask my friends to do for my dogs on the rarity that I think they can’t make it while I’m out? I ask them to come over, open my back door so they can go out, and let them back in!  That is IT!!! They won’t even eat if I’m not home! If I left this on the counter, I would get a list back telling me all of the things I could go do to myself and how, waiting for me when I got home.

However, if you are a picky pain in the ass and feel the need to buy this, it retails for $14.00 plus $2.00 shipping. There’s only three in stock, so as always, hurry the hell up!

Pet Sitter “To Dog” List…That’s Shitsy!


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