Black Friday Chaos


See this? This is exactly why I will NEVER go out shopping on Black Friday! People are completely out of their minds! There is no deal worth the violence that comes with it. Here are just a few of many stories from around the web showing how low people will stoop to save a few bucks:

*San Antonio man pulls gun over line cutting.

*$2.00 Waffle maker riot in Little Rock Arkansas. (C’mon…how many waffle makers do you really need?)

*Full scale riot over cameras and smart phones in GA

*Two people shot in Florida over a parking spot.

*14 year old robbed outside of Bed, Bath and Beyond near Baltimore. (This I’m not shocked by! Baltimore is one scary city, and my least favorite place to go!)

*Man threatens to stab everyone in line at KMart. (I won’t even watch this video, but you can if you want to. I think the story is enough!)

and finally, my personal favorite: Massachusetts man takes home TV, leaves 2 year old behind. That one just takes the cake! I guess it’s hard to hold a child’s hand and hold a 51 inch flat screen at the same time….so he leaves him there, never looks for him, and goes home. What a *&%$#@*%!!!!

These stories get worse every single year.

Disgusting…simply disgusting.

Here’s an idea…just stay home people.  Wait for another day. The sales will be there until Christmas if you pay attention. The above mentioned garbage just isn’t worth saving a few bucks.




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