Crocheted Lingerie

Look at the deal I found on Etsy today…Crocheted Lingerie.

Guys…I speak for all of the ladies when I say NONE OF US want to get this for Christmas. That is such a disaster that you may go on a “dry spell” for quite a while if you give this to your lady as a present!

What the hell is even going on there? The top bra parts are supposed to be Christmas trees. That bottom piece is supposed to be a wrapped present…a very poorly wrapped present. That may be one of the worst merkins I have ever seen. (If you don’t know what a merkin is, google it.) It’s all crooked and sloppy looking…not to mention how incredibly itchy that has got to be. It has potential to be the gift that keeps on giving with the rash one may receive from  wearing that, even for a few minutes. If you want to to do some “unwrapping” on Christmas night, you might want to get something nicer…which would be basically anything other than this crocheted disaster.

You men have been warned…however, if you still think this is something you’d like to buy for your lady (I’m telling you, she will HATE this!), you can scoot on over to Etsy and pay $20.00 for it. You don’t even have to pay shipping…that should tell you something right there, huh? By the way, she only has one in stock, so you really may want to think about whether or not this would even fit your lady. It can only be worse for you if she tries to put this on , and it doesn’t fit! If you make your lady feel un-sexy, I can guarantee that “dry spell” will last even longer than previously predicted.

Do what you will, but don’t act shocked when your lady makes “the face” and then says a few very un-Christmas-like phrases to you if this is what she gets to unwrap on Christmas morning…and for God’s sake ..don’t give it to her in front of the kids!

Crocheted Lingerie…That’s Shitsy! (and likely incredibly itchy)



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2 responses to “Crocheted Lingerie

  1. How much for the girl with no arms?

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