Eleanore Grace Austen – Outstanding Obit!



Today I present the obit that made me smile from ear to ear: Eleanore Grace Austen of Hammonton, NJ. I LOVE that this picture is the one that was chosen to signify her life! Just from the picture alone, you can tell Eleanore was one spunky lady!

Here’s a piece of her obituary that gives us a snapshot of who she was:

Eleanore Grace (Lanning) Austen, born in Philadelphia on Sept 10th, 1938, passed away peacefully on Monday, Dec 3, 2012, at Heritage Assisted Living in Hammonton. Eleanore will be missed by many as she was a ray of sunshine to those who knew and loved her. She always had a smile on her face and loved to laugh. She was a hard worker and while a single mother, earned a scholarship from the State School to attend Cumberland County College. She graduated at the age of 37 and became a Registered Nurse. She was employed as an ER, ICU, and Pediatric nurse for Bridgeton Hospital and worked for the VNA before retiring. Many will tell you that she was a nurse till the end. She enjoyed making crafts, reading, quilting, watching birds, and keeping everyone else in line.

God Bless her. She seems to have had a great life…and my guess seems to have been correct.  Hard working single mom, scholarship winner, nurse, and enjoyed “keeping everyone else in line”. Yep, she was spunky!

I salute you Eleanore Grace Austen for a life well lived, and an obituary picture to prove it!



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