Stainless Steel Ice Cubes


Look at what I found on Pinterest today…Stainless Steel Ice Cubes, courtesy of Sharper Image.

Here’s the product description:

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

On a hot day, the ice melts way too fast and you’re left with a sweating, watering beverage. Instead, keep plenty of these Stainless Steel Ice Cubes on hand in your freezer. The transfer tray (included) and lid helps you keep them stacked and stored, while the serving tongs lets you serve them up for undiluted “ice” cold beverages.

• 1” square stainless steel ice cubes

• Re-freezable, Hand wash only

• Keep the cubes in the freezer; always ready to cool your drinks

• Filled with non toxic gel

• Cube tray allows easy transfer of cubes from freezer to glass

• Use again and again

• Non-diluting – these stainless steel cubes never melt providing a more flavorful and colder drink.

Now, I get the idea behind it…cold, non-watered down drinks…however, all I can picture is these babies smashing into my teeth when I carelessly drink from my glass. Sonofabitch, that would be unpleasant….no thanks. Besides, I tend to drink my drinks in a quick enough manner that my ice cubes don’t water my drinks down. Maybe it’s just me.  Plus, they make such a point about using the tongs to serve them with. Cleanliness issues aside, I think it’s because they will stick to your hand (or to your lip when you take that first sip)  like Flick’s tongue stuck to the pole in A Christmas Story.  

I had to...I mean, who doesn't love this??

I had to…I mean, who doesn’t love this??

I’m just not feeling it…but if you are, you can head on over to Sharper Image and order them for a cool $49.99.  I’ll just continue to push the magic ice button on my freezer door instead.

Stainless Steel Ice Cubes…I dub thee Unpinteresting.


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