Bottle Opening Universal Remote


Look at what I found on Pinterest today…The Bottle Opening Universal Remote!

Ladies, did you already buy your man a Christmas gift? You did? Well I hope you kept the receipt, because you need to return it, and get him this! This may be one of the greatest inventions EVER…that’s right, I said EVER!  A Universal remote that has a bottle opener on the side will make you the greatest gift giver in the history of gift giving to any man. He can sit in his chair, watch the game, change channels, and open his beer all at the same time.  Any man I know would call this gift a dream come true. The only thing that will make this a better gift is if you get him a mini-fridge to put next to his chair. That way you won’t have to grab him a beer “while you’re up”.  (This is my husband’s favorite move. Just looking out for you!)

If you’d like to be the wife or girlfriend he brags about this Christmas, head on over to Brookstone and order it! This awesome gift retails for $24.99, $12.99!!! Yes, it is currently half price!!! Even better! Take that other $12.49 and go buy yourself something pretty. You deserve it!

Bottle Opening Universal Remote…Completely Pinteresting!

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