Here’s an oldie but goodie…just in time for “Secret Santa”! Enjoy!

Oh Yes They Did!

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…”Secret Santa Gifts that cost under $2.00″.  Yes, you read that right…TWO FRIGGIN DOLLARS! This is seriously the cheapest “Secret Santa” I have ever seen in my life! If you’re going to do a “Secret Santa” thing at work, you need to go at least $10 to get something decent.  If anyone ever said to me, “Hey, we’re doing a Secret Santa with a $2.00 limit! Are you in?”…I wouldn’t be able to say “No!” fast enough so I wouldn’t get betrothed with any of this shit….or ask if it’s a joke. I’m thinking they don’t even announce a set limit of $2.00, but just go with this as what they’re going to give! I’d be pissed if I put a bunch of thought into what to get someone and then got this in return!  Enjoy:

and finally, the Grand Pooba of $2.00 Secret Santa…

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