Honking En Masse



Welcome to my very first post in my latest categorical addition to “Oh Yes They Did”…a little something I call I-Witness.  Why do I need this category?  Well, because I witness a ton of ridiculous Oh Yes They Did moments in my everyday life. I don’t know if  it’s because I’m super observant, a complete moron magnet, or a little bit of both.  Whatever the reason, it cracks me up so why not put it out there? Enjoy…


Boy, did I witness (and get to take part in) some awesomeness last night in the Wawa parking lot.  Some guy came out of the store and somehow set his car alarm off. Problem there is he couldn’t  shut it off. No matter how many times he hit the button on his key chain, it just kept honking away. After about 15-20 seconds of his car’s incessant honking, everyone else in the parking lot joined in, car by car. (Including me! How could I not?) It turned into a chorus of honks…and of course, not all at the same time…because what fun would that be? We all did have the same cadence though. Honk…honk…honk.  Total strangers,  looking from car to car, hitting their horns and cracking up. The guy who couldn’t get his alarm to stop wasn’t as amused as the rest of us…which made it a thousand times funnier. He finally got it to go off…but for a few moments there we were all on the same page.   I was totally in my glory surrounded by a pack of smart-asses   just like myself.  It was downright hilarious. I’m pretty sure this kind of thing only happens in Jersey….because in case you didn’t know, we’re awesome like that.


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