The Gift No Man (That I Know) Wants


Look at what I found on Etsy today…filed under “Gifts for Men”…a “Beer Sucks” patch.

Here’s what the seller had to say about it: (Keep in mind, he’s straightedge…thus the patch)

Beer is awful for a handful of reasons, the least of which is the abysmal advertising featuring some extremely NOT feminist viewpoints about equality. Another pro is that water, for the most part, is free. It’s also the source of all life, and if you need a bigger reason than that, I urge you to eat your own fist all the way to the elbow, and write me how it turns out. Science project!

I’m just going to cut to the chase here…I did a mental inventory of all of the males I know who don’t like beer…all I could come up with are my three nephews…ages 9, 6, and 5…but they are Irish, so someday when they are old enough, they will LOVE beer….otherwise it’s just them and the straightedge seller, who I don’t actually “know”, but I felt I should lump in somehow, because it’s all I’ve got.

However, if you do want this patch, you can get it on Etsy for $1.00. …and there are 82 available.

Beer Sucks Patch…while I get your “straightedge” premise…I still must say on behalf of all of the beer loving men in my life…That’s Shitsy!

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