Weener Kleener Soap



Look at this Intenet Score I found today…The Weener Kleener.

Here’s what the seller has to say about it:

The Weener Kleener Soap is every woman’s dream come true. The last thing any man wants when he’s getting romantic with his lady is to be worrying about his junk being as funky as a monkey. Because let’s be honest, whether you’re a macho lumberjack beer drinking raw meat eating homo erectus or a meek and mild antique store owner, we all know without a proper daily regimen of personal hygiene your “situation” will be as odoriferous as the hamper where the NY Giants toss their jockstraps after a big game. Well, worry no more! Because with the Weener Kleener Soap, you will score a hole-in-one when it comes to keeping your “boys” and their pal, Peter Longfellow as fresh as the morning dew. 

One size fits all, unless of course, you’re John Holmes. And, hey! Who says you have to enjoy this experience alone? Grab your lady and pull her into the shower with you and have a game of ring toss. Because in this little competition there really are no losers.

His description is so good, I really don’t have anything to add…except for the fact that the warning that comes with it is great:

Caution: If the Weener Kleener ever become stuck, soak area with COLD water.

If you’re in the market for a Weener Kleener, scrape up $6.95 and head on over and buy one.

The Weener Kleener…a total Internet Score!



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2 responses to “Weener Kleener Soap

  1. This made me giggle, the things people come up with

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