Proof That Drugs Make You Stupid!


From the What Had Happened Was files…Totowa, NJ

Talk about STUPID…

What had happened was…four guys from beautiful Paterson, NJ were parked at a State Troopers barrack, waiting for one of their felonious friends to get his car out of impound.  At the same time, a trooper who was loading his car for his overnight shift, smelled a little something funny. He looks three cars over and notices a car full of gang members  upstanding citizens “killing time” while they wait for their buddy. (Getting a car out of impound must take a while!) Long story short, he radios for a few more troopers, they search the car, and come up with 15 ziplock bags of pot and 14 Ecstasy tabs, and they all get arrested. Oh, and don’t forget the outstanding warrants two of them had.

The trooper quoted in the article  sums it up nicely:

“I will say this: They didn’t make the brightest decision on where to smoke their pot.”

I’d post their mug shots, but I don’t feel like having the guy sporting the tear drop tattoos finding me, so if you’d like to see for yourself, click the link.

Brilliant move guys…seriously, brilliant….but on the upside, you’re totally in the running for the What Had Happened Was Article of the Year…and so far, you’re winning!  Good luck with that!

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  1. Stories like this warm my heart!

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