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Camel Toe Solution


Ladies, there are a million fashion no-nos out there to be concerned about, but there is none bigger than sporting camel toe. It is flat out atrocious and can be spotted from a mile away. Every time I see it, I think to myself “How does she NOT feel that?” ((Shudder))

Well, if you are a consistent camel toe sporter, or know someone who is, then this is your lucky day. has come to the rescue by selling the Camel Toe Solution. That’s right ladies…no more embarrassing front wedgies for you! Just stick the pad in your pants, bathing suit, etc…and voila…you can now go about your business free of giggles from strangers staring at your nether region. You can now keep people wondering what your hoo-ha looks like, rather than them knowing all about it before they ever even make your acquaintance.

A two pack retails for $16.95, and they are reusable. Even Dr. Oz says you need them. What’s a bigger ringing endorsement than that? (Not for nothing, but I’m pretty sure he buys stock in every product he touts before he talks about it on his show.)

Camel Toe Solution…a total Internet Score!


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