Not Your Typical Baby Shower Game…


Ladies, unless the baby shower is for you, your sister, or your best friend, you know you roll your eyes a little bit every time you get an invitation for one. They are definitely more fun than bridal showers, but by the time of cake is served, the last gift is opened, and the adorable mother-to-be poses in her hat made of bows, you know you are mentally figuring out just how much longer you have to sit there before you can make your escape. C’mon…you know this is the truth.

Ladies, you also know that you’re going to have to play the requisite baby shower games. It’s just part of the deal to keep your interest while the gifts are opened. It’s always the same basic stuff…especially the whole “gift bingo” thing. (Side note…Am I the only one who totally goes blank halfway through filling that out? You know what she’s going to get, but when that half blank board is sitting in front of you, it’s like you’ve never been to a baby shower in your entire life!)

That being said, look at what I found on Etsy today…a new game to spice up that baby shower…Pin the Baby on the Vajayjay! Yep, no more struggling to come up with “receiving blankets” on that bingo board. You’ve got a bullseye on her vajayjay to keep you interested instead.

Here’s what the seller had to say about it:

<em>Moms are growing weary of cutesy, cutesy, cutesy. Guys are coming to baby showers. And, quite frankly, no one really wants to eat “poo” from a diaper.

Overheard at PTBOTVajayjay showers:
“Zombie baby? Hell, yeah!”
“Ew. Sticky umbilical cords!”
“Is that supposed to be Frieda Khalo?”

Game comes with 16 Adorkable Babies, 16 umbilical cords, and one two-sided poster of mom in delivery. One side is light skinned, the other dark.</em>

I will give the seller this much, making one side light skinned, and the other side dark skinned is pretty brilliant marketing. Otherwise…no.

Here’s what would happen if I played this…I would picture the mother-to-be’s face on here. I know I would. We all know that unless she has a a c-section, this is how she is going to look. I like to look at her currently pregnant belly, and I will be thrilled to see that beautiful baby when it comes out…but I’m not really interested in picturing it actually coming out. Nah, I’m good. Although, I would get a chuckle out of seeing the guys play this game. You KNOW they’re cringing picturing the mother-to-be like that, especially if it’s their sister. (Well, maybe that comment depends on where you live!) By the way ladies, when it comes to inviting men to a baby shower. They really don’t want to go. Even if there’s a ton of beer. They don’t care! Ask one if you think I’m lying.

Anyway, if you are interested in having everyone at the next shower you throw picturing the mother-to-be screaming and giving birth, then head on over to Etsy  and plunk down your $24.95. Unless the shower is next week, there’s no rush because she has 95 in stock.

Pin the Baby on the Vajayjay…That’s Shitsy!


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