Let’s face it…people are stupid, and stupid people are amusing. On this site you will find a collection of “Oh Yes They Did” moments, such as:

*What Had Happened Was: News stories from around the web that are completely inane. In case you don’t know, any story that starts with the phrase “What had happened was” is probably some of the best shit you are going to hear all day. Trust me.

*That’s Shitsy: Sites such as Etsy showcase crafty things that people make and sell. Some of it is really great…but some of it is just plain shitsy. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that someone would actually make some of this stuff and try to sell it, or the fact that someone, somewhere would actually buy it. If it’s shitsy, you’ll see it here! Also, if you are the seller of the item I have showcased in this section, here’s a tip: all your hate mail is going to do is make me chuckle.  Not everyone is going to like what you make. It’s how the world works.  Toughen up Cupcake!

*Unpinteresting: Pinterest…it seems like everyone is on there pinning   all of the things they think are worthy…like recipes, crafts, home decor ideas, etc.  These are all just basically great ideas most people see that they will likely never actually attempt on their own. Some of them are laughable, and if so, I will dub them unpinteresting.

Amazon Treasures: God, I LOVE Amazon! Every time I need something, it’s my go-to spot.  Since there’s just about everything and anything for sale on there, I had to give it it’s own special section on my blog.

Internet Scores: Even though I find TONS of awesomeness on Etsy and Pinterest, I also find some sweet stuff just trolling the internet. Sometimes, it’s just too easy!

Outstanding Obits: I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing I love more than an outstanding obituary. It starts my morning out right. After I see a crazy picture or read a “well-written” obit, I spend the next few minutes trying to figure out what actually possesses people to make this the final summation of one’s life. No disrespect is meant to the deceased here whatsoever. In fact, this section of my blog primarily isn’t about stupid people. If anything, I am celebrating their greatness. Besides, it’s public information, so I’m in the clear!

I-Witness: The newest section of my blog…because quite honestly I witness a TON of ridiculous Oh Yes They Did moments in my everyday life. I don’t know if it’s because I’m super observant, a moron-magnet, or a little bit of both. Whatever the cause, I really see some funny stuff when I go out in the world, so why not share it with you? It’s a crazy world out there…and I’m just here to report it!

Abode or Commode: Yet another new addition to my blog! It’s your big chance to weigh in! Are the products I “feature” on Oh Yes They Did worthy of having a home or should they go straight in the shitter? Feel free to post your replies under my posts! Since you read my blog, I already assume you have impeccable taste, so why not share it with me?

By the way…if you ever come across anything you think is worthy of being spotlighted, (especially if it’s an obit from your area!) email it to me at oyestheydid@gmail.com  I will give you a shout out in the post! Promise!

11 responses to “About

  1. I 100% agree with the statement people are stupid 🙂 It’s nice to find a fellow people hater hehe 😛 Consider me subscribed! 🙂

  2. I love your blog! You certainly do find the weirdest things and share them in a humorous way. I nominated you for a few awards 🙂
    Check them out here: http://millieonherworld.wordpress.com/

  3. Hey, there. I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Sunshine Award because I think your blog is pretty sweet. If you’re interested, you can get more information here: http://facetiousfirecracker.wordpress.com/you-shouldnt-have/
    If you think this is ridiculous, feel free to ignore me. 🙂

  4. Why thank you for the awards! Much appreciated! 🙂

  5. I nominated you for The Lovely Blog award! Check out my blog post for the rules! Love reading your posts. Caitlin

  6. I just discovered your wacky blog! I love wacky. I think I will be checking in more often if that’s ok!

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    stuff from. Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity,
    Guess I will just bookmark this web site.
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