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Sister and Brother – Horse Mask Portrait

il_570xN.417011264_tgyqLook at what I found on Etsy today… “Sister and Brother 8X8 Fine Art Print – Two Children, Horse Masks”.

OK – Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?

Why would you want this?

Why are these children wearing masks? Better yet, why are these children wearing “horse masks” of all things?  Are these children so bad looking that they need to wear horse masks? Were they kidnapped by the Mob? I want answers!

What exactly possessed the “artist” to come up with this? “Do you know what would look nice? A portrait of a brother and sister holding hands and wearing horse masks. OMG, I am going to be RICH from this shot! RICH, I tell ya!!” (No, you’re really not.)

Did she not notice the girl’s shirt is doing the semi-tucked thing? Gahhh, that drives me nuts. Tuck or don’t tuck!!! Pick one!

How do I even know they’re siblings? I can’t tell if they look related because they have those damn horse masks on. I bet they are just two stray neighborhood kids who posed for this because they’ll do anything for some attention. Siblings…Pffftttt.

Who would actually want those creepy horse masks staring at them all day from their prized spot on the wall? Go ahead, scroll up and take a better look. I’ll wait…

Yeah…that’s creepy…and they look pretty pissed off if you ask me. I have never even seen a real live horse make that face…and if I did, I would run. Horses are beautiful creatures…couldn’t she find masks that represented that? Obviously not.

You know who I would get this for? Someone I would want to torment. It’d be fun to go to their house on a later occasion and ask “Hey, where’s that awesome horse mask portrait I bought you? What, you didn’t like it? Seriously?? Wow, you’re really an ingrate. That’s the last time I buy you a gift and try to give you a little culture!” 

The seller doesn’t even try to make any real selling points here…just that it’s a “sweet little family portrait”.  I guess it speaks for itself though, doesn’t it? BTW, I think I missed the “sweet” part.

Well, if you seem to find some beauty in this, you can purchase it for $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping…unless you live in Australia…that’ll cost you an extra buck. You don’t have to make your mind up right this minute though…she’s got four in stock. I say sleep on it.

Sister and Brother Horse Mask Portrait…That’s Shitsy!

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