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Spell Check Please


This morning I logged onto Pinterest to find a product to blog about and I came across this pin.  It’s not the product itself that made me laugh, because I have spilled my coffee on my desk before which led to a string of mental curses. This product might actually be useful, except for the fact that I know I would bump into this and manage to spill my drink anyway. Rather, it was the accompanying description the pinner wrote under it:

” Drink clip to keep drinks off your desk and away from spilling on your computer. Genious!!!

Um…Genious??  Clearly you are not one if that’s how you spell it. Spell check goes a long way people!

Just my two cents.

Drink Clip…I must dub thee Unpinteresting simply on the basis of the “genious” who pinned it.

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Happy One Year Blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Haaaaaaappy Blogiversary!!!

Yes, today is my one year blogiversary of officially owning “Oh Yes They Did“!  Wow! Time sure does fly by!  In the past year, I have published 140 posts…most of which I am proud of..haha.  I hope all of you have enjoyed the ridiculousness of my blog….minus the couple of sellers that have sent me a little hate mail for featuring their creations.  Thank you so much for your readership, comments, and the fine topics you have sent in to me!! I do hope you will continue to stop by and see what’s new!

Here’s to another year of Unpinteresting Pins, Shitsy Products, What Had Happened Was moments, and Outstanding Obituaries!!



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Easter Bunny Rolls – Pinterest Fail

e47e2f3a9d59d271bdb7598ff0aaf361If you’ve been on Pinterest anytime in the last month, then you had to have seen this cute idea for Easter Bunny Rolls being repinned a million times.

Seems easy right? My wonderful cousin thought so too. Being that she’s a GREAT cook, she tried them out this morning. ..and here’s what she put up on her Facebook page:

"Hey, you know those cute little bunny rolls that are all over Pinterest right now? They should NOT look like this! Hahaha! Happy Easter everyone!"

“Hey, you know those cute little bunny rolls that are all over Pinterest right now? They should NOT look like this! Hahaha! Happy Easter everyone!”

Needless to say, myself and all of her friends got a good laugh out of her Pinterest Fail.

It’s OK Cuz….I still love you and your cooking.

Happy Easter everyone!


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The Beer Belly


Look at what I found on Pinterest today…The Beer Belly! Normally I make fun of things on my blog, but not on this post!!!  This, my friends, is pure genius!

Here’s what the company Lazybone has to say about it. (Bear in mind that this company is out of the UK, so they use their own lingo here)

The Beer Belly is named more for its look than its apparent use. Yes, you can use it to drink beer or any other beverage from, however it sits where you would expect any beer swilling blokes belly might be, a bit like a rucksack but instead it sits on your front not your back.

Now your beer starts off on your belly and ends up in your belly. It’s a sort of stealth beer drinking device. Perfect if you don’t want to drink the local grog, just take your own.

Now you can drink what you want, when you want, where you want, with no hassles and for less money! What more could you ask for—now you can drink your favourite beverage at the movies, the footie match, on the plane, you decide. 

The Beer Belly, the stealth beverage system that makes it easy to sneak a drink where ever you want! 

  • It holds over 4 pints, that’s more than a six pack.
  • Your drink is held in place in an insulated very comfortable sling under your clothes looking just like a real home grown beer belly.
  • One size fits most, up to a 40 inch waist and up to 6’8” tall (I personally think they could sell even more if they go up a few waist sizes! Go Big or Go Home!!)
  • You can drink from the tube/nozzle or you can pour directly from the tube
  • Holds hot or cold drinks
  • Made of top quality materials and construction 

I defy you to tell me of a beer drinking man who wouldn’t LOVE this product!! You can take it anywhere, and it fits over a 6-pack!! Unlike women who freak if their stomach is sticking out, men just don’t give a rat’s ass. In fact, they are proud of their beer guts! I know guys that have named their beer guts! If they can secretly drink beer under the radar, the “beer belly” sticking out under their shirt is like a non-entity. This is WAY BETTER than ‘The Camel” you can buy here in the United States that straps around your back!

My husband totally could have (and would have) used this the other day when we went to see some March Madness games. We didn’t even give it a thought that beer wouldn’t be sold at that event, thanks to NCAA rules, so we did almost a full lap around the arena before we had to face reality and gave up. If my husband had owned “The Beer Belly”, I wouldn’t have had to hear him say again and again “I can’t believe there’s no beer!”  I can’t believe I’m sitting here watching a game without a beer in my hand!” “This is ridiculous! Me without a beer!!”  He could have just pulled the nozzle out of his shirt and drank away happily and undetected. I seriously may have to invest! (I’m actually serious about that!)

The Beer Belly retails for $44.95, and if you ask me, it’s worth every penny.

There’s no way I’m calling this one “Unpinteresting!” In fact, it may be one of the most “Pinteresting” things I’ve seen in a quite a while!

I salute you Lazybone on this product…it’s 100% gold!

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Grass Armchair


Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a build your own Grass Armchair!

Are you sick and tired of hauling your outdoor furniture out season after season? What about when a big storm, like Hurricane Sandy is coming, and you have to hustle to get all of your outdoor furniture put away? Well, when the weather man gives you that “secure your outdoor furniture” warning, you can laugh at him and rest easy knowing that’s one less chore for you to do…because this isn’t going anywhere when the winds start to howl!

With this fine kit, all you have to do is assemble the pre-cut cardboard pieces, fill the open crevices with dirt, sprinkle some grass seed on top, and watch it grow! It’s the Chia Pet of outdoor furniture, my friends!

Doesn’t that look like the mecca of comfort? Although, I would have to say that mowing it is likely a huge pain in the ass.

I do advise not sitting on it to read your morning paper, as it is likely to be a little dewy…and perhaps you shouldn’t wear white when you sit on it either. Grass stains are kind of tough to get out.

If you’re all about the “going green” thing, and have no interest in ever rearranging your outdoor furniture, then start scouring the internet and finding a spot in the yard! It retails for between $115 and $150.00, and there are a variety of sites touting it’s environmentally friendly awesomeness.

Grass Armchair…While I am pretty amused by you…I still must dub thee Unpinteresting.

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Tea Bag Buddy

Tea_Bag_Buddy_1-sixhundredLook at what I found on Pinterest today…a “Tea Bag Buddy”. I’m sure if you are a tea drinker, you think this is a great product. Personally I just like it because the name cracks me up…”Tea Bag Buddy“.

I’m so excited!!! Guess what I finally found???  A “Tea Bag Buddy”!! My days of searching for one are finally over!!

If you want a “Tea Bag Buddy” for a mere $4.99, you can get it at Wantlist…or if you ask around…I’m sure you can find your own “Tea Bag Buddy” at no charge.

“Tea Bag Buddy”…while I find your actual premise to be Unpinteresting… I find your name to be pure gold!

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Pet Peek


Look at what I found on Pinterest today…the “Pet Peek”. Of course after a little detective work, I found the original site that makes this…as opposed to Solutions, who shows it as out of stock.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the seller’s pitch:

*Every dog should have a point of view, and this product makes it possible!

*Dogs are curious and want to know what’s going on out there! Help satisfy their curiosity and make it possible for them to have a peek!

* Installs easily! (Mmmmhmmm)

I mean, why have this:


when you can have this:



and even this:

Yay...the neighbors kid's are watching our every move again!

Yay…the neighbors kid’s are watching our every move again!

Now some of you might think this a spectacular idea, but I guess you would have to have  a “normal” dog to use this. I, however, have two nutty Mastiffs and I KNOW this would never work out!

Here’s what would happen if I installed this on our fence:

1. We would have to install two of them, and even then they would find a way to torture each other to death by trying to look through the same “Pet Peek”. Just what I need to add to my day…those two trying to annoy each other (and me) more than they already do.

2. Their gigando heads would never fit in there. Just what I need to add to my day…my two big goofs ramming their giant noggins against my fence all day.

3. My dogs drool when they get excited. Just what I need to add to my day…having to clean those damn things off so they could actually see past their drool that would coat it.

4. They would bark like champions at everyone and everything that possibly went on in their fields of vision. It wouldn’t matter if a leaf floated by…they would bark at it…thus the reason I have a stockade fence, so they can’t see. Just what I need to add to my day…two dogs barking like lunatics. I think not.

5. If they saw a cat stroll by, they’d try to go through my fence. Just what I need to add to my day…a trip to Home Depot for some new fencing.

This wouldn’t work for me on any level. It just wouldn’t.

However, if you think this is something that your “normal” pooch would LOVE, then head on over to Pet Peek,  pony up $34.98 each, and get to installing this in your fence.  They even offer free shipping on orders of 2-4. Not bad. (I’m sure if you dig far enough on Amazon, you could get it cheaper…just saying.)  Also, apparently it is pretty awesome according to lots of people, because this  has even won product awards.

As for me…Sorry, but I must dub Pet Peek Unpinteresting.  I have more than enough insanity in my house. I really don’t need to purposely add to it.

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