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Bum Bags

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…a pin for “Bum Bags”. I had no idea what this was about, but was totally intrigued, so I delved a little further.

It turns out these are not actually for sale, but rather were part of an advertisement by Concept Instanbul for a business called “Pilates With Gerda” in Turkey.  Not only did they use that photo for the ad, but they also used this one as well as a front view.

The explanation for the ads… A pale freckled bottom and a hairy belly make ideal purses with the pudgy and saggy shapes sculpted by cellulite-abundant skin. “Carrying too much weight?” ask the pair of images in the Pilates With Gerda campaign, suggesting that for appearance and practical reasons, excess fat is best burnt off.

Normally, I poke fun at things on my site, but not this one. In fact I think it’s a pretty genius concept for an ad. This is an absolute attention grabber, if you ask me. Ladies, you know how judgmental we are about ourselves, thus this ad would totally make you do a double take.

Bum Bags…although a pretty shocking concept, it forces you to pay attention to it. I actually think this was pretty Pinteresting…except for the fact that I had to research it myself. 😉



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