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Breast Feeding Wand

Look at what I found on Etsy today…a Breast Feeding Wand.  Do I think breast feeding is magical? Yes! Do I think someone actually needs a breast feeding wand to wave around? Not really.

Here’s why the seller says you need it:

* Do you want the Breast Feeding Fairy to give special blessings to someone you love who is about to have a baby? Well, consider yourself that fairy, swish this wand around her a few times and voila…a good wish has been bestowed. A little hokey, but some people may like that kind of thing.

* You may be one of those ladies that breastfeeds in public. If so, you can set this wand out in front of you “to give the passerby another boob to look at, if they must”. Also, I’m guessing you can probably just wave it around like a lunatic while the baby feeds so people know what you’re doing. I think that would just cause you to draw more attention to yourself, but whatever.

*Maybe you ” just want to show some support for breastfeeding, how better to say ‘yay breastfeeding!’ but with a visual aid with fun swingy ribbons?” Um, that is just weird. I’m sure people will be thrilled if you stroll around in public looking for nursing moms, so you can stand there and cheer them on. Awkward…

*Finally the seller states that it can be used when your child gets a little older and wants to frolic in your yard with a fun play toy. If they don’t want to play with a boob wand, you can paint the boob into something else, like the sun. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”.  I say you leave the boob on there for the entire neighborhood to see. It’ll give them something to talk about, besides hearing you yell when you forget you have the windows open. (Come on, we’ve ALL been there!)

Unfortunately, the seller is on vacation, so she’s not selling them right at this very minute, thus I have no price to quote. Not to worry though, she will be back soon and will resume selling this item. I’m so curious to know how much this is!

Breast Feeding Wand…although I hate to say it because I think breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, I still think this is weird, so…That’s Shitsy!

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