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Poo-Pourri Spray – Girls Don’t Poop



There are about a million things I could say about this product, or you can just head over to Poo-pourri and check this all out for yourself!  Click on the video, and kick back for perhaps the greatest commercial ever….and no, it’s not a joke! Prices range from $25-$58 each depending on which package you choose and come with a stink-free guarantee.

Poo-Pourri…That’s Shitsy…just like they want it to be!


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Bathroom Fouls


Look at what I found on Etsy today…a bunch of Bathroom Fouls! It all started with a piece of bathroom related jewelry that I came across and it just blossomed from there. There was a plethora of bathroom related items to choose from, and I think I picked the cream of the crop. I warn you now that at least one of these is NSFW.  Enjoy!

Decorative Toilet Paper…which I never knew there was such a large market for:

I just did…


This does…

Just in time for Election Day.

A little something for your favorite medical professional. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

Christmas Theme. That’ll keep the kids away from the fireplace, huh?

Klassy with a K.

I don’t recall this being part of the wedding vows…

Jesus Christ…

Not me…and I’ll take a pass on the chocolate.

If you give this as a gift, you may want to have a pen handy for the divorce papers you’ll be signing.

I speak for Yankee fans everywhere when I say none of us want this.

Toilet Bowl Stickers

If this doesn’t give you stage fright, nothing will.

…And I quote from the seller: “Kind of tiny, isn’t it?”

Spanking the Monkey…yeesh.

Stop it…

Dropping bombs…

The Thinker.

Katy Perry is taking over the world.


Boom Boom?


Wowzers…Mom’s a little sick of saying it, huh?

Toilet Paper Covers:


I could have totally used this in my “Denim Fouls” post.

For the man who likes to say he’s “cutting logs” in there.

Once again, someone takes crocheting too far.

I swear to God, the seller lists this as a “Baby’s 1st Birthday” TP cover.

Bathroom Art:

We know…


Sadly, you’ll have to buy your own frame…

Thanks for the anatomy lesson.

Do you really need to tell someone not to get into this stance?

A Star Trek and Uranus joke in one? How clever.

 Miscellaneous Bathroom Decor:

The Recycled Wine Bottle Double TP Holder. How chic!

Now you’ll know exactly how long you were in there.

A sculpture inspired by the seller’s son ” who misses the bowl a lot”. Gag.

Bathroom Related Jewelry:

The TP necklace…You’re not getting dates wearing that!

You can’t wear the necklace without the matching earrings!

In silver, for a classy night out.


Pee and Poo Best Friend Charms. You can each wear half!” Really?!? How do you decide who gets what here?

and finally…Bathroom Greeting Cards:

Oh you funny little Valentine you…

I’m sure Dad will really love that!

So there you have it…a bunch of completely ridiculous bathroom related items I never knew anyone would ever have a need for.

Buying/Displaying/Wearing/Gifting anyone with these Bathroom Fouls…That’s Shitsy! It really, really is!







































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