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Chimney Jesus

chimney1It’s that time of year again, my friends! Black Friday starts my tips for “interesting” Christmas gifts. With the winners I find, the chances of you having to worry about someone receiving doubles of your gift are slim. Hell, throw out the gift receipt…they’re not going to need it…and besides, with the awesomeness you’ll be betrothing upon your friends and loved ones, they would NEVER dare think of returning it! (At least with you knowing!)

So, without further ado, I bring you the first of many spectacular gifting possibilities…Chimney Jesus!

Do you want to screw up your children’s idea of Christmas by crossing stories?

Do you want people to remember the “real reason for the season”?

Are you “not exactly” religious, like me?

Are you looking to offend your ultra religious friends?

Are you just a total heathen?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then head on over to Zazzle.com and shop to your heart’s delight, because they have everything “Chimney Jesus”!

Here’s just a few examples:

You can start simple for a great deal...just $1 for Chimney Jesus cards!

You can start simple for a great deal…just $1 for Chimney Jesus cards!

Chimney Jesus onesies for the baby! $26.95

Chimney Jesus onesies for the baby! $26.95

Chimney Jesus binder for your holiday picture memories! $21.95

Chimney Jesus binder for your holiday picture memories! $21.95

Chimney Jesus Napkins- $50.95 for a set of four. (OK, that's a little ridiculous!)

Chimney Jesus Napkins- $50.95 for a set of four. (OK, that’s a little ridiculous!)

and finally, for those of you with money to burn:

Chimney Jesus stretch canvas print - $158.95

Chimney Jesus stretch canvas print – $158.95

I could go on and on, because there’s tons more Chimney Jesus items…like water bottles, outfits for your dog, phone cases, mugs, etc…but you can just head on over to Zazzle.com and peruse on your own!

Chimney Jesus…the first of many great gift ideas!

Stop back (or subscribe to my blog…hint,hint) for other gift ideas to wow your family and friends with between now and Christmas! I’ll take good care of you. Promise!








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Good Friday Hand Towel


In honor of Good Friday, I figured I’d put up something “Holy”….so look at what I found on Etsy today…A Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Embroidered Kitchen/Bathroom Hand Towel.

The seller can put this on basically any color hand towel you’d like or she can embroider this onto the following:  Terry Bath Towels, Pillow Case, T-Shirt, Laptop Case, iPad Cover, Sweatshirt, Tote, Quilt Squares, ect.

I’m thinking if this out, you really shouldn’t wipe your hands on it! Wiping your hands on Jesus, Mary, and Joseph has got to be a giant no-no.  I’m not the most religious person, but if I went into someone’s bathroom, and this was my only option on which to dry my hands, I’m using my pants instead. If I have shorts on, then I’m forced to use their shower curtain or something…but not Jesus. It just seems wrong.

If you’d like to make your friends squirm when they are looking for a place to dry their hands, then scoot on over to Etsy and you can get one for $20.00.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Hand Towel…sigh…I can’t even call you Shitsy…that’d be worse than drying my hands on you. You’re killing me Smalls…you’re killing me!

Wishing you all a beautiful Easter Weekend.


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