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Happy One Year Blogiversary!


Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary!

Haaaaaaappy Blogiversary!!!

Yes, today is my one year blogiversary of officially owning “Oh Yes They Did“!  Wow! Time sure does fly by!  In the past year, I have published 140 posts…most of which I am proud of..haha.  I hope all of you have enjoyed the ridiculousness of my blog….minus the couple of sellers that have sent me a little hate mail for featuring their creations.  Thank you so much for your readership, comments, and the fine topics you have sent in to me!! I do hope you will continue to stop by and see what’s new!

Here’s to another year of Unpinteresting Pins, Shitsy Products, What Had Happened Was moments, and Outstanding Obituaries!!



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Fiji Mermaid Vintage Baby Doll Dangle

ImageLook at what I found on Etsy today…a Fiji Mermaid Vintage Baby Doll Dangle. (Try to contain your excitement!)

I do not get the whole little plastic baby doll crammed into things trend. Is it just me, or is it odd? I never liked these freaky little dolls when I was a kid, and I most certainly don’t like them now either. I remember having some of these in a larger version in my room as a kid and being totally freaked out by them because I felt like they were watching me. Creepy…just plain creepy.

Anyway…here’s the seller’s big “selling points” as to why you should shell out $24.00 (plus shipping) for this…

Have you ever heard the story of Barnum and Bailey’s notorious Fiji Mermaid? The exhibit was a famous fake, featuring the top half of a monkey and the bottom of a fish. This version is decidedly cuter with a baby doll instead. 

This playful, yet macabre pendant evokes images of mid-century traveling carnival side shows and eerie seaside promenades. Has it been tucked away in a curio boutique, away from prying eyes? Or locked in a keepsake box for safety? Take home this Fiji Mermaid and spark endless questions from your friends.

A few things here:

1. Why do people love the whole side-show kitsch thing? There’s a reason they stopped the freak/side shows…people became intelligent enough to know they were a sham. If you want to see some freaks, just head on down to your local WalMart. The freaks are there in droves. I”ve seen a bearded lady or two in mine…but I digress.

2. It’s a dangle in case you missed that. It comes on a large crappy chain (that is guaranteed to turn your neck green) to dangle around your neck. Um, no.

3. “Take home this Fiji Mermaid and spark endless questions from your friends.”  Here’s how the endless questions from your friends will go:

Friend: “Hey, what the hell is that creepy thing you’ve got there?”

You: “Oh, it’s a one of a kind (OK, really two of a kind, because there’s two in stock) Fiji Mermaid Vintage Baby Doll Dangle, that I scored on Etsy!”

Friend: “Scored, huh? What’d you pay for that colossal piece of shit?

You: “I got a good deal on it! It only cost me $24.00 plus $6.00 shipping!” (Unless you’re from Canada, in which case you can tack on an extra buck….or anywhere else in the world, an extra $3.00)

Friend: “You paid a grand total of $30.00 for that? Are you out of your mind?!?”

Then said friend would tell the rest of your friends what a jackass you are for spending $30.00 on this thing…thus sparking the endless questions the seller speaks of.

Personally, I say you save the $30.00 for something better, and save yourself the hassle of the endless questions about it. If your friends are anything like mine, they’ll always find something else to bust your chops endlessly question you about soon enough anyway. You don’t need to dangle this as bait for them. (Do you see what I did there?)

Fiji Mermaid Vintage Baby Doll Dangle…That’s Shitsy!

By the way, my 11 year old daughter just walked in,  saw this on the screen and said “What the heck is that? A plastic baby doll crammed in a fishing lure? Is someone selling that? It’s stupid!”…and promptly walked away with a “Hmmmmph” over her shoulder as she left the room. Atta girl!

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20 mm Wooden Beads


Look at this Black Friday deal I just found on Etsy…a pack of 100 20 mm wooden beads! They were $13.75, but today they are on sale for $11.69. Are you wondering why these are so exciting? That’s because they aren’t just ANY 20 mm wooden beads…they are “made from the ash tree in sunny Crimea, in the Ukraine!” That got your attention, now didn’t it? Yeah…me neither.

How’s about you head on down to your local Walmart or Michael’s Craft store, pick yourself up a bag of these for like $4.00 and save yourself the $13.75 plus $10.50 in shipping costs. You can still claim they are special 20 mm wooden beads from the ash tree in sunny Crimea in the Ukraine…no one will know the truth, but you…and me…and everyone else who reads this post. We’ll just keep that our little secret…I promise.

100 20 mm wooden beads straight from the ash tree in sunny Crimea in the Ukraine…That’s Shitsy!

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!

What better time to pick back up on my blog than Black Friday/Cyber Monday, crazy-ass shopping time? It’s been a long few weeks here on the Jersey Shore, but I think it’s time to share some humor…you know, now that the “stress free’ holiday season is upon us!

All weekend long, I will be posting outstanding “Oh Yes They Did” kinds of deals and stories I would never want you to miss out on. Consider it my gift to you!

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The Biggest Crocheted Earrings Ever

Look at what I found on Etsy today…A pair of “The Bigger, The Better Rosebud Earrings”.  Oh Yes She Did.

Girl, you know you can’t go out to the club tonight wearing those same old rosebud earrings every other trick’s wearing! You gotta stand out! You need a pair of earrings that are so big, people will think you have Christmas ornaments dangling off your earlobes! Luckily they are crocheted  so they’ll be nice and soft when they are smacking up against your neck while you’re gettin’ dirty on the dance floor. Luckily they are assembled on fish hook ear wire, so if you need to throw down with another bitch because she’s been eyeballin’ your man, you won’t have to waste a lot of time taking these off by fumbling with a clasp or anything. They’ll just slide right out of your ears, and you can get down to business.

These babies retail for $35.oo plus another $2.50 for shipping. That’s a whole lotta earring for $35.00. Wear ’em proud, girl…wear ’em proud.

The Bigger, The Better Rosebud Earrings…That’s Shitsy.


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Crafting With Cat Hair

Look at what I found on Etsy today…Crafting With Cat Hair, which was actually even featured on their “How Tuesday” blog. Not only that, but I found items for sale that people have made using their cat’s hair. I cannot believe there is a market for this, but apparently there is. I don’t own a cat because I am allergic to all of their damn hair that gets everywhere…and I’m not a huge fan of cats anyway, but to think that people actually collect their cat’s hair and use it to make things is mind blowing to me!

In researching this, I have found that the most common ‘craft” people make from their cat’s hair is a tiny little cat finger puppet. I will just give you my own quick overview:

1. Collect cat hair. (That shouldn’t be hard to do since they shed like it’s their  job! However, if you really want the good stuff, you should brush your cat, or so they say.)

2. Make a tiny double template shaped like a cat out of cardboard and wrap it with packing tape, to keep it dry. (You’ll see why…)

3. Wrap the template in cat hair and wet it using hot water and dish detergent. (It’s gonna get clumpy)

4. Let it dry, and decorate as you see fit.

That, my friends, is a finished product some woman made for one of her co-workers and left on his keyboard for him. She states he isn’t a car lover, but really liked it. Let me just say this…if I worked with this lady and she left me a homemade cat hair finger puppet on my desk, she would be choking it up as a hairball because I would shove it right down her throat.

Moving on…

I continued to scour Etsy and learned that cat hair jewelry is chic…and by chic I mean disgusting, yet still for sale. Enjoy:

Yes cat lovers, for $35 you too can have earrings made from your cat’s hair. Here’s what the seller has to say:

– Contact me when you are ready to begin.
– Mail me your cat’s hair, approx. two or three good handfuls. 
( I will email my address to you )
– Give me 1 to 2 weeks to create the earrings.
– When I have finished, I will post them as: RESERVED FOR 
(your cat’s name).

Gahhhhh! Two or three good handfuls of your cat’s hair? Gahhhh!

You know you need a matching necklace, right? Well here ya go.

You better get a few more handfuls of your cat’s hair because those balls on the necklace are pretty big. You better dig a little deeper into your piggy bank too, because she is charging $150.00 for that! (Yes, I said $150.00!)

What? You want a cat hair necklace that is a little more snazzy? Fear not, there’s more to choose from! You are going to have to dig even deeper into your pockets though. By the way, your peasant cat’s hair is not good enough for the making of any of the following. These are made with her purebred ragamuffin cat’s hair. Ooooooo!

Oberon Cat Hair Neck Sculpture. – $220.00.

Wire Caged Felted Cat Hair Pendant – $220.00

Bubbles Sculptural Felted Cat Hair Neckpiece – $220.00

I’m loving her description:

What to wear to that gala musical event or
to your friends art opening? This necklace. 

This is a conversational piece in its own right with its 
white soft “puffs” and shimmering wire wrapped leather. 
It is substantial yet sits lightly on your chest.
And, those puffs of fluff? Felted cat hair!

Oh, and she “knows it is tempting to touch and stroke the soft hair orbs, but, they will stay clean and maintain their shape if touching is left to a minimum!”   Come on now, you know everyone is going to want to touch that. OK  nobody is really going to want to touch that, but the wacky wearer would totally ask people to. “You have to pet my cat hair necklace! It’s so soft!” ((shudder))

…and finally for the people who may not have over $200.00 to spend, but want some bang for their buck…

Cat Hair Necklace – $130.00. Felted puffs .5 – 1 inch in size.

I think I feel hives forming on my neck just by having posted that!

So there you have it…a book on how to make crafts from your very own cat hair, a quick tutorial for a cat hair finger puppet, and some exquisite cat hair jewelry. I had no idea anything like the aforementioned even existed before today, and now I think true “cat people” are even crazier than I ever did before. It’s just too bizarre for me!

I have two dogs, and I sweep up their hair non-stop because it drives me crazy. I cannot fathom doing anything with it besides throwing it out while mumbling curses about how much they shed! I also keep a lint roller handy at all times because I cannot stand to look down and see any of their hair on my clothes. The thought of crafting their hair into a friggin puppet or wearing it as jewelry is beyond comprehension.

I will have you know that I was a giant bundle of itchy the entire time I wrote this post, and had to stop typing every few minutes to scratch myself a little bit. I may need to take some Benedryl in a minute because my skin is crawling!! Damn you crazy cat hair crafters…damn you.

Crafting With Cat Hair…That’s Shitsy!


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Upcycled Justin Bieber Plastic Cap Knuckle Ring

Look at what I found on Etsy today…an “Upcycled Justin Bieber Plastic Cap Knuckle Ring”.    I want you to know that I thank my lucky stars that my daughter had Bieber Fever for about 2 days, and then snapped to her senses. This kid irks the crap out of me, and I seriously cannot wait to see him on a “Where Are They Now” segment on VH1 in about 1o-15 years, all bloated and washed up.

As for this ring, here’s what the seller has to say about it:

For the Bieber Fan!

This piece was on hiatus for the month of June. I was asked to loan it out for the filming of a new Paramount film titled Acid Girls. Hopefully it made the cut! 

The first of its kind, I made this knuckle ring from a white plastic cap. Inside I’ve cast Justin in resin surrounded by glitter and gold stars. It is sure to get you some attention! 

Well, whoop-de-friggin-do, it might be in a movie. That’s still no reason to shell out $30.00 for this thing. Seriously…$30.00 for an upcycled plastic cap with Justin Beiber’s face and some glitter?!?  I think not. I might consider it if I could maybe slap him one while wearing it. If I could go dirty and wear it palm side in, I might go $35.oo because that would be money well spent,  but otherwise…this is a no-go.  Save your money and buy it at a garage sale in about 3 years for $.30. Then you might get your money’s worth.

Upcycled Justin Bieber Plastic Cap Knuckle Ring…That’s Shitsy!

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Bathroom Fouls


Look at what I found on Etsy today…a bunch of Bathroom Fouls! It all started with a piece of bathroom related jewelry that I came across and it just blossomed from there. There was a plethora of bathroom related items to choose from, and I think I picked the cream of the crop. I warn you now that at least one of these is NSFW.  Enjoy!

Decorative Toilet Paper…which I never knew there was such a large market for:

I just did…


This does…

Just in time for Election Day.

A little something for your favorite medical professional. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

Christmas Theme. That’ll keep the kids away from the fireplace, huh?

Klassy with a K.

I don’t recall this being part of the wedding vows…

Jesus Christ…

Not me…and I’ll take a pass on the chocolate.

If you give this as a gift, you may want to have a pen handy for the divorce papers you’ll be signing.

I speak for Yankee fans everywhere when I say none of us want this.

Toilet Bowl Stickers

If this doesn’t give you stage fright, nothing will.

…And I quote from the seller: “Kind of tiny, isn’t it?”

Spanking the Monkey…yeesh.

Stop it…

Dropping bombs…

The Thinker.

Katy Perry is taking over the world.


Boom Boom?


Wowzers…Mom’s a little sick of saying it, huh?

Toilet Paper Covers:


I could have totally used this in my “Denim Fouls” post.

For the man who likes to say he’s “cutting logs” in there.

Once again, someone takes crocheting too far.

I swear to God, the seller lists this as a “Baby’s 1st Birthday” TP cover.

Bathroom Art:

We know…


Sadly, you’ll have to buy your own frame…

Thanks for the anatomy lesson.

Do you really need to tell someone not to get into this stance?

A Star Trek and Uranus joke in one? How clever.

 Miscellaneous Bathroom Decor:

The Recycled Wine Bottle Double TP Holder. How chic!

Now you’ll know exactly how long you were in there.

A sculpture inspired by the seller’s son ” who misses the bowl a lot”. Gag.

Bathroom Related Jewelry:

The TP necklace…You’re not getting dates wearing that!

You can’t wear the necklace without the matching earrings!

In silver, for a classy night out.


Pee and Poo Best Friend Charms. You can each wear half!” Really?!? How do you decide who gets what here?

and finally…Bathroom Greeting Cards:

Oh you funny little Valentine you…

I’m sure Dad will really love that!

So there you have it…a bunch of completely ridiculous bathroom related items I never knew anyone would ever have a need for.

Buying/Displaying/Wearing/Gifting anyone with these Bathroom Fouls…That’s Shitsy! It really, really is!







































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