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Boot Planters

Look at what I found on Pinterest today…Boot Planters. What in the hell is with people recycling things to put plants in? First the Bra Planter, and now this?  The only thing I can almost remotely see is taking a pair of your child’s little rain boots that they’ve grown out of and planting something in it for a season. It can be a cute little crafty thing for you and your kid.  However, buying two dozen rain boots, planting stuff in them, and thinking that looks nice in your yard is stupid.  Does this person have functioning eyes? I have to question whether she actually does because this looks ridiculous. Perhaps someone should tell this woman that there is a new fangled item out to put her plants in…called pots. They definitely cost less than two dozen rain boots and looks a hell of a lot nicer. If she wants to recycle her rain boots so badly, she can just do the duct tape boot thing, OR she could just throw them out like everyone else does,  OR she could throw them in her recycling bin if it makes her happy to be so green. Just don’t use them as planters.

Boot Planters…I dub thee Unpinteresting.


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Duct Tape Rain Boot Repair – Unpinteresting!


Look at what I found on Pinterest today…how to repair your rain boots with duct tape! Got a hole in your favorite rain boots? No problem, just duct tape the hell out of it and voila…new boots!

Now let me say that I am a big believer that you can fix just about anything with some duct tape…and my daughter has all kinds of duct tape in funky patterns, because she thinks it’s cool…however, this just isn’t working for me on a few different levels:

#1: I don’t wear rain boots. Just not a fan.

#2:  Whenever I put duct tape on something, I get creases in it. Never fails. I closely examined this picture and see some creases. That would annoy me every single time I looked at it.

#3 – If I did wear rain boots and got a hole in them, I would just go buy a new pair. I’m thinking you’d have to wear them a bunch of times before you actually got a hole in them somehow, right? A hole equals time for a new pair in my book.

#4 – My craft level is zero. This would not only take me FOREVER to accomplish but it would likely end up looking something like this:

Klassy with a K!

By the way, I live in the Pine Barrens and have seen this act done on multiple occasions…not a good look.

Sorry Duct Tape Rain Boot Repair…but I dub thee Unpinteresting!


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